Climber for children

The rainy season has finally arrived! After months of drought and surrounding wildfires, the joy that we feel when we hear the tree frogs singing at night and breathe in the refreshing smell of wet dirt when we open our doors in the morning is incredibly wonderful.

Everything outside turns green, alive and radiant. The children, who are so connected to the natural rhythms of nature, definitely notice these changes, especially since longer light-filled afternoons allow for more play-time and the element of water, which was scarce just months ago, makes playtime much more enriching with new textures, smells and sensations. Leaf soups, flower teas, puddle jumping, running in the rain, frog searching expeditions, paper boats, mud cakes and sand castles are the kinds of games that fascinate children. 

Spend as much time as you possibly can with your children outdoors. If you live in the city, visit a local park regularly, observe what animals and insects live there, note the changes in climate and weather in every season. Little children don't need a long scientific explanation, just a diligent adult willing to explore nature with them and allow them to make their own observations.

Toys for the outdoors

Outdoor activities not only develop better physical abilities, thanks to the practice of sports, but also imply the improvement of other beneficial skills for the little ones. In itself, physical exercise helps children gain self-confidence, because they develop their abilities and overcome their fears.

In addition, playing outside helps the little ones improve their social skills, since they are in contact with other children and must learn to relate, share, negotiate, and ultimately, interact with others. In this sense, playing with other children also implies the need to develop leadership and cooperation skills, including learning to lead but also to give in, something that will be very valuable for the future.

Toys to go outside and enjoy. To take to the beach, the countryside, the pool, the campsite… To enjoy the forest, the stars, the water… Everything that keeps children active!  Alternatives to screens and self-absortion.

Climbers & monkey bars swings baby swings

We usually talk about indoor toys and how you can use them. But did you know Wiwiurka toys for the outdoors are also a great option for endless hours of fun for kids? Today you’ll learn a bit more about the toys that have options to turn them into full-time back yard fun.

Balancing is always fun! Symbol of freedom, well-being and happiness in the air!

Swinging has been present in every generations, from parents to children, and its always been as simple. In addition to being enjoyable, swings have multiple benefits for the development and health of children of all ages. From the earliest childhood, rocking is a movement that rocks and puts babies to sleep.

 Source of relaxation and pleasure, it is almost a maternal gesture to make the child feel totally safe. Balancing allows children to experience gravity and get to know their bodies. 

The trapeze

swinging trapeze for kids

Do you like to hang like a monkey? By the arms, or by the legs… Just like in the circus?  

This piece is super fun for children and it can be used by kids as young as 3 years old to spin with its handles, while a 5 year-old will get a hang of it quickly and have tons of fun strengthening both limb and core muscles and improving coordination, it’s also great for gaining and training flexibility. It’s recommended for children from the age of 3 years old up to young teens.

This piece’s weight limit is of 63kg or 140 lbs.


The rope ladder climber

This climber is great for little thrill-seekers! If your children dream about climbing trees but it’s too difficult or dangerous, you can hang one of these under a branch on their favorite tree and let them enjoy climbing it all day long. It’s a good workout and promotes strength, proprioception development, and space and perspective visual functions. It’s also a great spot for your child to feel closer to nature and have some contemplative moments just hanging up there looking at the birds and the clouds. You can also hang it under a roof on a porch or inside the house.

 The rope-ladder triangle comes in two sizes: small and large. The small one is designed for 2-year-olds up to 10 year-olds.

The small one: 

  • It can hold a maximum weight of 70 kg or 154 lbs
  • The ladder’s height is 7.5 feet high from the first level to the spring snap to hang it.

The large one:

  • It can hold a max weight of 81 kg or 180 lbs (yes, that means parents can have a go at it too!)
  • The ladder’s height is 11.5 feet from the bottom rung to the snap ring. 


swings for kids

We make several types of swings: the classic rainbow swing, and our famous and colorful disc swings! 

Whichever you choose, these are a great source of fun and sensory development for children.

Swinging promotes proprioceptive awareness, gives the brain extra detailed information about the joints, stimulating growth and greater control over them. It also enhances the child’s sense of motion and vestibular awareness. And as if all this were not enough, swinging gives boosts of endorphins to the brain, improving the mood of children and adults alike.

You can use our rainbow swing both indoors and outdoors, they are quite easy to install.

We recommend it for kids from the age of 2 years old to the age of 10 years old. Its weight limit is 75 lbs or 34kg.

Coming soon – swings for adults as well! 

Ready for a day of fun outdoors?

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