play with children

Creating spaces for my playful self to flourish

A mom’s perspective from our CEO

Honestly, I am not a playful person by nature. I daily make a conscious effort to play with my girls. I have been an adult for too long, taking care of the chores, the shopping, the planning, the past, the future, and endless lists of tasks to do. Maybe you have found yourself in the same place as myself.

As a passionate observer of child-play, creating spaces that invite creative playtimes, and designing toys, I found it incongruous to be so lacking in playfulness.

I spent more time looking at my smartphone than playing with my children. At the beginning of this year after finishing a marvelous online program which I highly recommend aptly named “The Abundant Mama Project” I gave myself the task of opening the doors to my playful self. Reserving a determined amount of time every day to play with my children.

Today, as I hold this piece of chalk and draw a hopscotch game for my kids, such a classic childhood game, I fully recognize that I am in the present moment. This moment, right now, drawing lines. Watching my eldest daughter's expression of excitement on her face while I shout out, "ready, let's start!"


Every time I let out my playful self, I am fully living in the present, being the wolf, drinking a special tea made of flowers and leaves from the garden, playing dolls or throwing dice. The to-do lists and pending chores are behind me. Right here is pure joy and happiness and it is here where our children constantly live, in the land of games, imagination, invisible friends, of fantasy, a place without time.

Our job is to preserve that space.