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Wiwiurka: A family business adventure.

Let me tell you a little about the people, work and ideas behind the pieces that Wiwiurka makes, and how it jumped from a family business, to thriving small business.

Wiwiurka began back in 2011. At the time Marek (our founder)  pruned trees professionally, so he would come back home with logs and branches of all sorts of local trees.

His natural artistic sense, along with his love for nature moved him to create playgrounds, emphasizing the unique organic shapes that the branches kept.

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Over the years, Wiwiurka has shifted from treehouses and one-of-a-kind playspaces to designing and crafting toys and children’s furniture that promote gross motor development, and free and creative playing.

Several Wiwiurka pieces have been created inspired by Dr. Emmi Pikler’s approach to child development, Waldorf pedagogy, and Dr. María Montessori’s methodology; however, the main source of inspiration has been Ana and Marek’s daughters. 

"To observe how creative play unfolds in a child when they receive unfinished materials and give them enough time to mold and use them at will has been a great gift!"

Creating a business from handmade goods is not a simple endeavor, but the goal was clear: we envisioned their company as a way to promote the value of handmade products made from sustainable materials in a fair and responsible manner.

Marek and Ana designed several pieces over time, some to be used outdoors and some indoors.

However, in this process, they realized that many children spend most of their time indoors and that given the current pace of life, children have less time to play outside in swings, slides and jungle gyms, or even just in a natural setting.

So this family business set up to create a line of products that would allow children to get the movement their natural development needs, but designed to be used at home and indoors.

Wiwiurka as a company is about crafting quality pieces that are fair and sustainable

The wood used to produce the toys comes from certified sustainable sources and from responsible local wood trimming. Avoiding toxic wood-treating substances has also been an important aspect from the very start.

Building a team

All the wood-workers that have become part of the Wiwiurka family are paid fairly and work in a safe and friendly space. They are local experienced carpenters with some young apprentices as well; they are encouraged to use their skills in the best manner and know that the items they are making are going to be used by babies and little children, so they pay special attention to making all angles and surfaces completely smooth and perfect for climbing and sliding.


The Wiwiurka Dad, exclusive interview with Marek Shultz

Marek Schultz is a founding member of Wiwiurka. Born in Germany, of Polish descent, he speaks 4 languages and has called Mexico his home for the past 15 years. Xel Demesa, Brand Manager of Wiwiurka, undertook the task to interview Marek on the occasion of Father’s Day and to introduce you a little bit to one of the minds behind the creation of Wiwiurka.  This is what they talked about: Marek con Hannha, su hija menor. Xel:  Did you ever

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Kids (+5y)

Montessori Clothing Rack and why you need to ad it in your sons bedroom:

If you have a toddler at home, I’m sure you have experienced this situation too: you finally gather all the necessary strength to fold clothes and put them away and in just one second your toddler takes it all out of the dresser looking for his or her favorite shirt, leaving everything a mess again. When my son Tadeo turned 3, I decided to incorporate Wiwiurka’s Han Clothing Rack to his room. Originally I added it for space purposes rather

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Babies (0-18m)

Push-and-Pull Play: the moon stroller and the wiwi-wagon.

As their name says, push-and-pull toys are meant for children to play by doing exactly those actions, but, do they have fun doing that? Why are pushing and pulling important for a child? Oh yes! They sure have fun in their early years. This type of toy builds on the skills babies and young toddlers may already have developed, such as pushing themselves up from the floor and pulling herself into a standing position. The next big milestone is walking,

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Babies (0-18m)

Discover our Baby Tadeus: the ideal piece to start your Wiwiurka collection!

Discover our Baby Tadeus: the ideal piece to start your Wiwiurka collection Discover our Baby Tadeus: the ideal piece to start your Wiwiurka collection Discover our Baby Tadeus: the ideal piece to start your Wiwiurka collection This beautiful bench table designed by grandpa Wiwiurka, who was inspired by his youngest grandson to create a multifunctional piece of furniture that works as a table and bench, with the innovation that once placed upside down it becomes a climbing dom where the

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Content Type

An Educational Playroom, From The Experts: GrOH!

Based in Washington, DC and creating magic all over, the GrOH! team, conformed by Jodi and Anne has become a referent for incredible and imspired playrooms around the world! We had a chance to talk with them about their vision and their business – and we snagged a few decor tips for enthusiasts too! A child’s play environment affects their independence, focus, creativity, and behavior. A child’s play space should inspire them to engage, invent and expend their energy in

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Emotional regulation. What is it and what’s its benefits?

Emotional regulation is a term that is mainly heard in psychology, according to Bisquerra, it refers to the ability that we human beings have to handle emotions in an adaptive way, it involves becoming aware and having the ability to recognize our emotions, and relate them with our thoughts and behaviors that these may provoke or unleash, so we can express them in a way that’s appropriate to the situation, time, place and person. Therapist Andrea Ballesteros from @taktoplayhmo using

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but they had some very clear ideas about how they wanted to do it in accordance to their own way-of-life and values. They 

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