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The trapeze

Today’s feature is a very versatile and exciting piece, the trapeze! It’s a wonderful and fun toy for kids, but as an item that promotes development, it’s truly fantastic! A child playing on a trapeze will get both the stimulant and the soothing benefits of a swing while also gaining core and limb strength, flexibility, and coordination from climbing and moving around on a hanging piece. Furthermore, unlike most toy options, the trapeze offers the benefits of inversion, we’ll talk more about all of this in this article.

The trapeze looks like a simple toy, but the ways a child uses it expand as the child develops. The more familiar children are with the trapeze, the more they come up with new ways of playing on it and even come up with some acrobatic stunts!

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of this fun piece!

We recommend you place the trapeze in an obstacle-free area and use a soft surface beneath it.
Gross motor development.

Physical movement at an early age is the foundation for cognitive development, sensory information processing, and later on, for reading, writing, and analytical thinking. A developing body and mind that are growing need to move, establish connections, and strengthen every day!

Through climbing, children begin to develop their fine motor skills including dexterity, grip, and grasp; but climbing and swinging allow children to build their physical strength and their gross motor skills as a solid developmental base on which other skills develop as children grow. This leads to healthier childhood habits and an overall good feeling about their bodies and abilities.

This little monkey enjoys coming up with new acrobatic stunts all the time! But as you can see, there are some @nuggetcomfort pieces beneath, so when that new trick doesn’t turn as hoped, there is no need to worry about a hard fall. It will be a second of rest on the soft cushion and back up again! Nugget comfort pieces are the perfect complement for a trapeze.

The trapeze is a piece that promotes gross motor development in young toddlers, and as they learn to use it and gain strength and confidence in their own body-control, they go further and enjoy coming up with all sorts of acrobatics. Yes, there will be many “look at this mommy!!” moments.

Technical specs

Our trapeze is made with sturdy pinewood bars and resistant cords. It arrives already assembled and ready to hang. Its main bar is 60cm / 23.6in long and it takes a maximum weight of 63 kg / 140 lbs.

The benefits of playing with the trapeze increase as the child grows using it. It’s recommended for children from the age of 3 years old up to tweens as long as the weight limit is respected.

You’ll be surprised how children can move so swiftly in their trapeze! It is amazing to watch.

For children in preschool age, the trapeze is a useful tool to improve grip strength, upper body strength, and core strength – all at once! While for children of elementary school age, there is a wide variety of positions and tricks that they can begin to do and master.

This piece is usually for indoor use, but it can be prepared for the outdoors too. What’s the difference?

Well, the cords we use are different depending on it being outside or inside, white is for indoor-use while black is for outdoor use. The wooden parts of the trapeze are usually not treated nor coated with varnish, so if you want to hang it under a tree in your backyard or any place where it will go through weathering, let us know when you place your order. When used outdoors regularly, you will need to give it a coating every year. Check out our recommendations for outdoor use.

These girls are playing on trapezes specially prepared for the outdoors, you can see the black cords and the coat of sealer on the wood.
Why a trapeze?

The trapeze is a fantastic toy for children with a lot of energy and young thrill-seekers!

 If your child is interested in gymnastics or any other activity that requires balance, this is a perfect gift with which she or he can practice at home freely. The trapeze aides the child to develop a full sense of movement, coordination, and space in ways that being on your feet just doesn’t.

Kids find their own way to their trapeze when they are feeling playful or energetic, and simply start playing with it. This fun photo is by @emmastylist

The different grip positions of flips allow them to strengthen different upper body muscle groups; while the act of swinging while switching hands engages their core and upper body, improving their coordination and reflexes.

The trapeze has one extra feature that most other toys for children don’t have: once the child has begun to do flips, she or he is practicing movement in “inversion.” This is how experts call the act of moving in an upside-down position. According to several studies, having activity in an inverted position allows for a boost of irrigation to the top of the brain, both in adults and children. And in children, these studies have measured an increase in cognitive control and memory.

The trapeze: for kids who love action!
Installing the Trapeze.

 It really isn’t complicated, but how to do it depends on the type of ceiling your house has. If your home has a concrete ceiling it’s very simple: you drill one perforation and get an expansion wall-plug with an eyebolt for 100kg. This plug is easily found in most hardware stores, but it has so many different names in English! I thought I’d show you one right here.  “Eye Bolt with Anchor Shield” is another common name for it too.

Now, if your ceiling is of the drywall type, you need to locate a support beam and drill-in one perforation for the wall plug mentioned above. And if your ceiling is wooden, you’ll need to find a support beam as well and drill as mentioned.

You can see how kids will swing and swing to their heart’s content with the trapeze, and also you can see the soft surface mommy placed beneath it to ensure it all goes smoothly.
This fabulous photo is courtesy of @nikkileydier

Drilling and placing an anchor wall-plug for the trapeze is the same as what you would do to hang a hammock or a punching bag. There are many videos on Youtube about how to to it and you can always get in touch with us for further assistance.

 Our trapeze comes with a quality carabiner safety hook. So once you installed the heavy-duty wall plug, you just hook it on and… Tadaaa! You’ve installed the trapeze and your children can begin to play with it.

A great fit

The trapeze is a great addition to your indoor play space, it’s the perfect energy-burning toy for active kids that will channel all that energy into their body-development and set a base for their cognitive skills and their emotional welbeing.

Kids will really get into playing with this! Make sure they are wearing comfortable clothes and its bests if they play barefoot on it.

At first, you can install it on top of a bed, or place a soft surface beneath it. We use our nuggetcomfort and our children love them! Nugget comfort provides soft children’s furniture that can be moved around with ease and give your child soft surfaces to land on while playing.

Bear in mind that kids will swing with it and perform some flips, so make sure there is a large enough circumference around the trapeze for the child to play freely and without bumping into anything, we recommend at least 1.8m on each side for older children.

Let your children enjoy their bodies while developing their coordination, strength, balance and have some inverse position time.

If you have two kids and the trapeze is meant for the eldest, don’t be surprised if your little one wants to use it too! Toddlers begin using the trapeze by spinning while grabbing its handles. Older kids will play and try out some awesome acrobatic tricks. The trapeze is an item that becomes more and more fun as the child finds his or her way to use it: as a new movement is mastered, new ways of playing on it arise in the kid’s mind.

Get your own now!

The Trapeze for active kids
You never know if a future gymnast is playing now on her trapeze!
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