Today we are going to talk about our swings, mainly our Rainbow swing, the Pastel Rainbow swing, and the Natural swing. Our swings are designed to be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the model.

Yes, you read that right, a swing to use indoors! A dream come true for many children, and even for some adults. Well, beyond the fun, swinging has many developmental benefits for children and it’s also a soothing activity for many children. Sitting on a swing for a bit and allowing the movement to flow is a great way to clear your mind and feel better.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the general effects of swinging, the technical details of the swings we offer, and how to install them.

This little girl is sitting on an outdoor Rainbow swing , under a tree. Someone even added some colorful pom-poms that go with the rainbow gamut.

The benefits of a swing.

For children between the ages of 2 and 4 years old, playing on a swing will give them an abdominal workout, develop trunk control, and enhance their sense of timing. Little ones learn how to coordinate their movements on the swing, work on their balance and also develop their spatial awareness.

Swinging promotes proprioceptive awareness, this means that it gives the brain extra detailed information about the joints, stimulating growth and greater control over them. It also enhances the child’s sense of motion and provides a lot of input for the vestibular system. And as if all this were not enough, swinging gives boosts of endorphins to the brain, improving the mood.

This Rainbow swing is installed in a fantastic kids’ room that also is where homeschooling happens. The swing here works as a sensory toy, an en energy-burning item, and as a spot to rest and maybe even watch a nature show projected on the wall. The fantastic photo and space are by @lori_strickland.
Good for sensation

Swinging is an activity that allows a child’s nervous system to integrate information from the vestibular system about how to move and feel when the body is in motion from an “external source,” the senses are stimulated to find ways to adjust.

We have other hanging toys that stimulate the vestibular system also, like the trapeze or the rope-ladder triangle, if you are interested in reading about those, just click on the links.

rainbow Swing in the woods
In this photo you can see how you can install a swing on a tree branch: you adjust the rope length for the swing to be at the right height for your little one. This is a Rainbow outdoor swing, the pom-poms are not included.

Wiwiurka’s swings.

We make several types of swings: the classic Rainbow outdoor swing, the Pastel Rainbow indoor swing, and the Natural indoor swing. We also used to make round swings with the rope in the middle, however, these are currently not available for now, but once we bring them back we’ll let you know.

Kids love swings! Often, when you take the kids to a park, they run to a swing right away. Unfortunately, sometimes there are no parks nearby, or the weather is too hot, cold, or too wet to go play in a park. So, with these things in mind, we designed and craft our swings for indoor and outdoor use; we think that the weather doesn’t have to be a restriction for children to enjoy playing on a swing.

This little girl is next to a Natural indoor swing that’s installed inside the house. A dreamy photo by @taraherron_photography

The truth is, installing a swing indoors is not so difficult! With a couple of anchor wall plugs and a drill, you can easily install our rainbow swing on a concrete ceiling or a ceiling support beam, so your child can have the fun of a swing in an apartment, a house, or a porch, no matter what the weather is like!

An option

You can also install our swings outside, under a tree it’s just perfect for children to spend time outdoors, and the beauty about having swinging and climbing pieces under a tree is that your child is under natural light but not necessarily under the sun, but rather under the refreshing shade of a tree. We have an article about how to use our toys outside and we talk about the swings there too. All our outdoor-use recommendations are listed in it, you can read it following this link.

This wonderful photo by @nikkileydierphotographyshows the freedom and joy that children often feel when playing with a swing, in this case outside under a tree.

The Rainbow swings.

We have two versions of the Rainbow swing:

  • Classic Rainbow palette swing is for outdoor use, it has a coat of wood sealer and black rope fit for outdoor use.
  • Pastel Rainbow swing is for indoor use exclusively, it’s painted with the colors of our Pastel Rainbow palette, it has a coat of wood sealant and white rope fit for indoor use.

If you’d like to compare the tone difference between our Rainbow and our Pastel Rainbow palettes, check out our article about all our palettes, it has clear photos to compare.

Yes, a swing inside an apartment or a house is possible! Shown here is a Pastel Rainbow swing for indoor use. This fantastic photo is by @kelligilbert

The wooden base of both Rainbow swings is 41 cm long and 19 cm wide (16 in x 7.5 in). We recommend these pieces for children in an age range of 4 years old up to 12, but often younger toddlers can use it. Please bear in mind that if younger children use the swing, it must always be under adult supervision. The swing can hold a maximum weight of 40 kg (88 lb).

With love, for you.

This piece is handcrafted, made of durable pinewood, sanded to a completely smooth surface that is painted in a lovely rainbow pattern, in either Rainbow or Pastel Rainbow, and they are both finished with a coat of a non-toxic wood sealant.

This is a Pastel Rainbow swing with the ropes we currently use for it. You can see that it’s installed in a spaceful area for the girl to ba ble to swing happily and safely without obstacles.

We send the rainbow swings with the rope already set on each side. Each rope piece is two meters long, so you can adjust the swing’s height to your little one’s height. If you want it for outdoor use, please let us know when you place the order at the shop, so we prepare the piece with outdoor usage cords, these cords will be black.

The Natural Swing for indoor use.

This swing is for indoor use only. It’s very similar to the rainbow swings, however, this one has the natural wooden finish with a coat of linseed oil, not wood sealant. This swing isn’t painted and the rope is 100% cotton and in natural cotton tone.

The bone swing is has white cotton ropes for indoor use, they are not suitable for outdoor use as they will slowly wither with weathering outside. This rope is soft and resistant, but for indoor use only.

These two kiddos get to play on their indoor Natural swings in their Christmas-themed costumes, now that’s fun! This fun capture is by @taraherron_photography

The wooden base is 41 cm long and 19 cm wide (16 in x 7.5 in), we recommend it for children in an age range of 4 years old up to 12, withing the weight limitations. As with the rainbow swings, or any swings really, it’s common for younger toddlers to want to use it and they can, but it must always be under adult supervision. The swing can hold a maximum weight of 40 kg (88 lb).


Its installation is easy: you’ll need to find a support beam, a drill, and a couple of anchor wall plugs ending in a loop. We recommend you use 100kg anchor plugs with a loop head. You can find them in any hardware store and they are not expensive. There are many YouTube videos about how to install anchor wall plugs, they are used to hang all sorts of heavy things from the ceiling, like punching bags, hammocks, or hanging shelves; these video show you how to drill on a support beam of your home and install the anchor wall plug.

This little one can play on her indoor swing, this is a rainbow swing with the black cords meant for outdoor use. This swing can be installed indoors part of the year and then taken outside. A delightful photo by @lori_strickland

It’s the same process for the swing, but you need to make two holes and place a looped anchor plug for 100 kg in each.

Final touches

Once you’ve done that, you tie the ropes through the loops and adjust the height. You can add a little hook on a wall nearby to hang the swing on the side when it’s not being used.

We recommend you leave 50 to 80 cm of clear space on the swing’s sides, enough space in the front and back of it, depending on how height you hang it.

The swings are a great way to get kids in touch with their strength and muscles.
We no longer use the natural fiber ropes we used when we first designed the swings because it is a little too rough for children’s hands, so some photos, like this lovely one, still show it. However, our ropes are currently either 100% cotton for the Natural Swing, or quality acrylic black or white ropes, depending on indoor or outdoor use.

We hope this blog post has been helpful and has covered any questions you had about the rainbow and bone swing. Have a lovely week!

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