5 fun settings for Wiwiurka furniture to try

Once you have a Wiwiurka piece and your child plays everyday on it, the piece becomes part of your home, but what happens if your child is also getting a sibling soon, or two? What about when your child is ready for greater developmental challenges? Well, today we are going to address these questions by talking about how to create a play set for your little ones, actually, we’re going further, we’ll talk about 5 different settings for Wiwiurka pieces; this can serve also as a way to make a plan for your kids’ playroom as they grow.

This post will have lots of photographs, sometimes an image is worth a thousand words!

These three little ones have a fantastic 3-piece play set going on! A Pikler climbing Arch is perfect for the youngest, while the Climbing Piker Triangle is ideal for the middle child and the XXL rocker goes great for the eldest, but all together in the same playroom and connecting them with a ramp, well there will be no boring times in that room! This gorgeous photo is by @christine_simplybloom
Connecting Pieces.

First things first: lets talk about the ramps.

Here you can see our two types of ramps in natural wood finish: the reversible ramp on the left side and the rock-climbing board on the right. They’re both reversible, one side is a smooth slide, the other a climber. The rock-climbing board can be ordered in any of our palettes, while the reversible ramp is only available in natural wooden finish.

All our indoor climbers and rockers are completely compatible with our two types of ramps and these are what we call add-ons because you can purchase our pieces without a ramp and later on order one, they will fit in right into our climbers and rocker. If you’d like to read more about our rock-climbing ramp and our reversible ramp, including how they fasten into our pieces, you’ll find the post by clicking right here.

So, in order to connect a Single rocker with a Climbing Pikler Triangle, you use a ramp to create a play set. You can do the same with a Pikler Climbing Arch and XXL rocker, or connect two triangles, or two rockers, or a Little Bean rocker with a Double rocker, etc. As said before, the ramp can fit into any of our indoor pieces and connect them.

1. An XXL rocker with a Climbing Pikler Triangle.

This is a classic and a full-fun play set! It’s perfect for children from 2 years old up to 7 or 8 years old, it offers climbing, sliding and rocking. Furthermore, if you connect the pieces you have a great obstacle course if you add some props.

In this fantastic playroom the XXL is very appropriate for the eldest girl while the larger Pikler Triangle is great for the younger son. The two kids are no longer toddlers, so these sizes are perfect. Photo by @madisonviningblog
Check this set out! Someone went for the steepest climbing challenge. This set has a Pikler climbing triangle with and XXL rocker connected with a rock-climbing board, all in our Pastel Rainbow palette. This gorgeous photo is by @thecouturecraftery

Another awesome option is to create a fort with the XXL rocker and the Triangle by covering the pieces with a play-silk, a sheet or a blanket. Lots of space to have some long sessions of imaginative play and some inside-outside sensory play too for young toddlers.

Those faces! Fort-making is always so much fun for kids and a great way for siblings to socialize and enjoy good times together. This playful photo is by @our.wild.rumpus
These little ones placed their reversible ramp on the side of their XXL rocker, a creative idea indeed, but if your children do this make sure the ramp is properly placed, as it is not designed to be used in that position. This gorgeous photo is by @youngwildandfriedman
2. Pikler Climbing Arch with a Pikler Climbing Triangle.

This set is a great option for young siblings learning how far their climbing skills can take them, I’m thinking of a 10 month old with a 3 year old for example, put it can work great also for more kids, just make sure you get a large Triangle. Connect these pieces with a ramp or two, and you’ll get many hours of happy play and a great energy-burning workout for the little ones!

These two brothers look like they sure are having fun and the play set fits so well in their play room. The younger one will sure learn many climbing moves by watching his brother and then giving it a try too. This beautiful photo is by @lovefromkk

Four children one set! Everybody gets to play together, even the baby gets to play with the arch as a baby gym. We just love how each family finds it’s own way to enjoy the most out of these toys. This delightful photo is by @bloomingwildflowers_

And yes, you can make a fort with this setup too. Can you spot those cute little baby feet as the little one is crawling in? This fabulous photo is by @nelldeutsch

A great way to play shop on the play set is to place the ramp in a flat bridge position between the two pieces like in this photo. The arch and triangle shown here are in our Rainbow palette.
3. Two Pikler Climbing Triangles.

Yes, that’s a fun option and it works great for families with several children. You can use one ramp as a bridge and another as a slide. Lots of climbing up and down and enough space for everyone to participate! A great option for families with twins and older or younger children too. 

A plus about this set is that because our Climbing Piker Triangles fold flat, you can easily make space when you need it and the whole things can be stored under a bed or just reclining it on the wall. Let’s take a look.

Even the dog wants to get some of that climbing fun action! This set is made with two large Pikler Triangles and a rock-climbing board, the three pieces are in our Voices of the Mountain Palette.  These fun photos are by @carmenshalene
4. A single rocker and an XXL rocker.

This option is great if you have two children and the small one gets into the mode of wanting to do whatever the older sibling does, yes, many of you know what I am talking about. You have a single rocker for the younger one to rock on her own and an XXL rocker for the eldest to rock away happily as well. However, as with our other options, once you bring a ramp into the scene and connect the two, you have a large and fun climbing set going on for them to play together.

A Single rocker connected to an XXL rocker works great for these two sisters, and it’s an option open to adding pillows or other props to create a large playing set where several kids can play, say for a birthday party. These rockers are in our Blooming Fiesta palette.

A very practical feature about the two-rocker play set is that the single rocker fits perfectly under the XXL rocker.

No more fighting to play with the same toy at once, each child gets a rocker for some personal play time and once they are ready for some cooperative game, the kids can work together to connect the pieces for the larger playset.

These two rockers are in our Rainbow palette. They can also be used as a working or playing surface for the little ones to play building patterns with their @magnatiles
5. A Little Bean Rocker with a Pikler Climbing Triangle.

The Little Bean rocker was designed mainly with daycare services and indoor play groups in mind for toddlers, therefore for it’s very beginning, this piece was thought out to be part of a play set. It works great connected to the Pikler Climbing Triangle.

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