Early childhood development: Wiwiurka Climbing toys reviewed by Dr. Patricia Blast

climbing toys for kids

“Play is the work of the child” an eloquent statement by Child Development Specialist Maria Montessori, and one that has become more relevant than ever.

Dr. Patricia Blast made a very complete analysis of why Wiwiurka Toys are a great addition to your home. And she’s taking into account children’s developmental stages and needs.

Taking education further

In today’s day and age, either because of the weather or because of safety and overall rhythm of life, kids can’t find enough space to get active and live out their best life! 

wiwiurka foldable climbing triangle
Kids of all ages are invited to play with our foldable triangles. The configuration is up to them!

“Wiwiurka’s foldable climbing toys were created with the understanding that children NEED to climb and explore. It is essential to their gross motor development”, says the doctor, as she lists several other benefits that our climbing toys offer for children.

Gross motor development is determined as the ability that the child acquires, to harmoniously move the muscles in their body. They gradually maintain the balance of their head, trunk, limbs, crawl, stand up, and move towards walking and running. Furthermore, they acquire agility, strength and speed in their movements

climbing toys for babies
This photo by Adi_and_scout shows us just how easy it is for kids to grab onto the climbing triangle.

This stage of development is the first to make its appearance. You’ll see it change and evolve from the moment they are able to carry the weight of their own head. Soon enough, they’ll be strong to sit without support, jump, climb stairs, etc. These are other gross motor achievements that, over the years, they will be acquiring and learning.

A take on imagination

“Additionally, the foldable climbing triangle inspired by Pikler approach, and putting these indoor climbing toys to the test. They offer opportunities to expand imagination and critical thinking skills with the near-endless possibilities the pieces can be used for.” The doctor points out that kids are not only pushed into using their bodies, but it is also a welcome brain training. Their imagination peaks with the many configurations and scenarios children can actually create and build on.

Boy playing with XXL rocker
Our toys present a challenge for children – which means they pose a victory as well.

A pirate ship? An obstacle course? A coffee shop with a cute clerk tending to it? Their own minds are the limit!

As a mom, Dr. Blast also shares her personal experience: “At just 4 months old Noah loved laying under the XXL Rocker Board with toys hanging down, and alternatively I can turn the arch over and let him rock inside.  Older children such as my 3-year-old Luke can build elaborate climbing courses out of a combination of the Rocker Board, Pikler Triangle, and choice of ramp.” 

wiwiurka climbing toys for kids
Dr. Blast’s kids have shown that not only are Wiwiurka toys good for any age, but they also promote a safe environment for children.

If you want to read through the whole article and the analysis of Dr. Blast you can visit her blog.

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