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At Wiwiurka, we are convinced that the home IS the most important environment for learning and development. It is where children build their foundation: how to sit, stand, walk, sleep, eat, and dress.

With the right tools, children have the facility to learn, develop and learn more about their own abilities. That is why we have focused on ensuring that each of our products promotes ACTIVE play, FREE MOBILITY and inclusion for children of different ages, adapting to their abilities.

A free awakening

In the first years of life, it is important to promote the development of consciousness, body and imagination. Read it from an expert, here. The first year is packed FULL of discoveries. At this stage, they will begin to communicate with others, to relate to their surroundings, and to control their body. As parents, we must give you our full support at this stage and accompany you on the adventure of growing up.

Wiwiurka toys invite children to develop and perfecting their physical coordination and decision-making skills while promoting their sense of independence through the development of motor skills.

In this line, our Pikler-inspired furniture gives them what they need to continue with this development.

Wiwiurka toys in daily life

As children grow older, they prepare for other sensory activities, such as food, speech, and play. In Montessori pedagogy, a child’s play is her job. It is important that children are allowed space and time to participate in activities that they love for extensions of time during the day.

If the child has the ideal tools to play with, she will be learning too. With toys like the 4-in-1 and rockers, you can find the perfect match for their developmental level.

Fun & games between siblings are the first approach to teamwork & empathy.
Ana Parra
Wiwiurka Co-Founder

Our furniture is designed to custom design an area for any activity that interests a child, so that their creativity is unlimited.

A bit of art


Make it colorful & fun! Photo: Joselin Brorsen

Art plays an important role as a sensory experience and as an opportunity to learn fine motor skills. As children learn to express themselves, it can be a powerful role in their development and personality.

When it comes to decoration – make it an experience overall! Don’t be shy to integrate adult spaces with child-friendly elements. For every taste and style, you can check out our color palettes, where you’ll find more than you need to create the perfect space.

Come back soon to find out much more about what you can do with Wiwiurka toys – the possibilities are endless!

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