Wiwiurka & OtherGoose: Lesson 2 – Charades


Today’s Play-Based Challenge: Play Classical Charades.
Where music meets movement!

Find Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” on Spotify or your preferred online streaming service, and play it for your child. Tell him/her that each instrument represents a different animal! There is a bird, duck, cat, wolf, a group of hunters, Peter, and his grandfather. Challenge your child with acting out his/her favorite character or instrument as the song plays along. Hint: Go ahead and join in – we guarantee it’ll make you both smile!

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Perfect for: Language, Communication, Music, Liberal Arts, Sensory Awareness, Play

Why it Matters: Introducing your child to this famous symphonic fairy tale provides a brain-building infusion of music, literature, and language. Whether he/she can correctly identify an instrument’s tone or not, your child is learning that language exists in many forms, and that meaning, inflection, and purpose can be communicated with or without words. Basic as they seem, both of these concepts help pave the way toward joy-filled, curiosity-driven reading in kids of all ages.

Challenge: If interest allows, let your child narrate the story alongside the symphony by reading the classic text here.

Read-aloud (Optional): Peter and the Wolf, by Sergei Prokofiev



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