child development with other goose

We are super excited to launch a series of in-home challenges with OtherGoose!
If you don’t know about them, you’re about to immerse yourself in a great new way to teach your kids, in a proactive, hands-on, entertaining education.
With everyone staying home, we HAVE to find ways to keep kids on the way of learning, without forgetting the core values of the things that can be learned from practice.


That’s why we got togeher with ther in-house learning experts, and are super excited to give you a taste of the things you can do with your Wiwiurka pieces to lopp them into the everyday learning wave!

Today’s Play-Based Challenge: Make an Indoor Obstacle Course.
Your go-to for infusing energy into a midday slump!

child development with other goose
Kids getting creative with their XXL rocker as they play.

Choose an area of your home with plenty of room to move. Begin by giving your child a simple instruction, e.g., “Crawl under your Balance Board!” or “Jump over this pillow!” or “Hop along your Balance Beam!” Gradually add more instructions until your child successfully completes a string of 5-8 directives. While your child plays, they’ll be building motor skills, body awareness, and memory the entire time!   

Perfect for: Foundations, Motor Skills, Play, Spatial Recognition 

Why it Matters: Not only are obstacle courses the perfect way to fend off a stir-crazy morning indoors, but they’re also genius shortcuts for building motor skills and body awareness while engaging memory. They’re a total trifecta of enriched learning in your very own living room!  

We are sure you’re going to LOVE this! If you have any questions concerns, or have any other ideas that you’d like to try with your kids, leave them below, and we’ll try to make something fun out of it!

Stay tuned for the upcoming lesson plans – We’ll be releasing new ones bi-weekly!

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