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The Mountain Mama shares her habitat-based play with us!

No hardhat required!

*This is a series of activities Othergoose created for us – check out the first two challenges at the bottom!

Encourage your child to choose a favorite stuffed animal or toy to build a habitat for kids. Explain that a habitat is simply a place to live, like a house for a child, a pond for a frog, or a den for a bear. Together, talk about what might make the best habitat, and let the architecture begin! If necessary, assist your child as he/she creates an ideal spot for his/her beloved toy.

If it helps, ask your kids to imagine where you think some animals live. A bear – by the beach? Or in the forest? A penguin in the desert or where there’s ice?

Perfect for: Foundations, Nature, Habits, Transitions, Relationships

Why it Matters: Habitats hold a foundation in biology, science, and discovery, yes, but they also point to a larger concept for young children: belonging. In this seemingly simple lesson, your child is learning that everything has a home – a monumentally valuable understanding in all things childhood: from tidying scattered toys to managing separation anxiety, and everything between.

Jennifer & her littles enjoy creating a habitat below their Foldable triangle. It’s their favorite corner to enjoy some independent play!

If curiosity calls, ask your child about his/her ideal habitat! Hand over the reins for your child to design a creative habitat for his/her self – anything goes, as long as you’re together! 🙂

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Would you like to see more challenges and activities for kids with our toys? Comment below which toys you’d like to see us create an activity with!

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