Today’s Play-Based Challenge: Throw a Zoo Day

day at the zoo

Roarin’ fun!

*This is a series of activities Othergoose created for us – check out the first three challenges at the bottom!

Tell your child you’re going to have zoo day today! Practice making animal sounds and movements. Ask curious questions for your child to answer, e.g., “How does a crab walk? How low does a bear growl? How far can a monkey swing? How fast does a cheetah run? Does a turtle eat his lunch slowly? Does a fish blow bubbles in the bath?”

Perfect for: Creativity, Motor Skills, Transitions

Why it Matters: Did you know that many psychologists believe a child’s natural desire to play pretend animals is linked to the maturation process of learning how to communicate, develop emotional connections (such as empathy), and respond to the needs of others? In a single step, you’re giving your child the freedom to make sense of the world.

Challenge: Introduce the food chain by talking about which predator this animal might be hunted by. Which prey might they seek? Ask your child, “Who would be your pal at the zoo? Who would not be your pal at the zoo?” Encourage your child to design a “blueprint” of his/her own zoo, keeping predators and prey far from one another so everyone survives!

Related Reading (Optional): If I Ran the Zoo, by Dr. Seuss

Did you figure out how to create a zoo at home? Let us know below!

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