beneficios de trepar y escalar
benefits of climbing

Children have the ability to see potential climbing mountains everywhere. In the living room, in the dining room, on whatever feels like a mound in your room. In parks, in restaurants. They simply can’t stop! It seems that the desire to climb is imprinted in their DNA, which means we have no choice but to let them explore. How can we help them? Giving them the right tools to make the experience safe, with children’s furniture ideal for that task, the right orientation and also confidence and freedom.

Today, we don’t have to wait to go to the park so that they have safe spaces to climb. There is an important offer of furniture for children ideal to do it inside the house, either in rooms or gardens. That makes it possible that the development that is acquired when they learn these skills does not stop.

Learning to climb and climb has both physical and mental benefits. On the side of physical benefits we find:

  • Improvement of your muscles
  • They learn how their body and weight work
  • Improvement of your gross and fine motor skills
  • Helps them understand more about perception
  • They become more agile, fast and coordinated

All of these are characteristics of a child with a healthy body that has been able to develop in an environment suitable for exploring.

As for the other benefits, these are also many and very important:

  • Increases their ability to think creatively. When they have to figure out which foot to use, which hand to raise first, or how to lower themselves, their mind has to map out creative routes and strategies to successfully climb.
  • Increase their confidence. When they manage to overcome a physical challenge like this, without help, and give themselves the push to take on certain risks, children automatically become more confident with their environment, more secure. That children climb and climb is also a work of self-esteem for them.
  • Improves your concentration. Climbing is not easy, they need to be focused to get there.
  • Teaches them how to set goals. Climbing is also a great way to learn to pursue achievable goals and targets, only the learning happens through fun.

In addition, climbing also helps them burn energy in a healthy way. Staying active is very important to building physical strength and staying healthy. If in addition to that it teaches them to lose fear, have confidence and coordinate, then it is one of the most complete games that exist!

Give the little ones in your house the chance to discover how far they can go, how bold they can be, and how strong they can become. They can conquer any mountain! Encourage them to get it.

Wiwiurka furniture ideal for climbing and climbing

If you want to offer them a safe environment for this great stage, you can choose one of these children’s furniture made to accompany them on the adventure of climbing or climbing. Remember to always supervise them when they use these toys:

Rope ladder triangle (Climber) Wiwiurka

Small or large depending on how old your son or daughter is. Made of pinewood, very resistant and ideal for any play space, it can also be put in the garden. The climber is an ideal structure for the most intrepid children who also want to do stunts.

Triangle with reversible ramp

Medium or large, for children from 9 months to 5 years old, or for 2 to 7 years old, you choose which one best suits your needs. A piece that will help them coordinate, challenge obstacles and invent out-of-this-world adventures.

Climbing arch

During their first years of life, from the moment they start to crawl, this fun arch will help them up and down with accessible steps. These are the first steps towards your independence.

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