Back to school: Creating the perfect learning spaces at home

The brain needs to be excited to learn

School spaces are very important for both teachers and students, since they develop creativity, children’s autonomy and learning. In these spaces, students spend many hours of their lives, and that is why they should not go unnoticed. Motivating learning and getting “excited” the brain of students to learn are two of the main objectives pursued by teachers and schools.

Whether your children are going back to school or still staying homeschooled, the fact remains – they need a space for learning. 

These learning spaces must transmit some type of communication that helps promote creativity in students and increase motivation to attend different classes and subjects that are taught.

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Do learning spaces influence the learning model?

You don’t need a lot of space, just an intentional one.

All of us work much better when we are in a physical space that makes us feel good and at ease. Learning spaces greatly influence the learning model: new technologies, new methodologies, school furniture, light, decorative elements… The classroom has become an important element in the learning process.

But what must be taken into account when transforming learning spaces to ensure that they are innovative and motivate learning?

Our Frida desk is perfect fo those older kids who want to feel like they’re home at their own personal office space!

Pleasant and welcoming educational spaces can be achieved by implementing innovative, comfortable and colorful school furniture. The new models of school furniture invite all those who have the opportunity to work and learn among themselves to dream!

Add a touch of personality to the decoration of educational spaces.

Each person is different, so each educational space can be decorated in a thousand different ways. It depends mainly on the taste and decor of any learning space (including daycares and home-based spaces). Having material that makes teachers and students feel good is essential. Reflecting on four walls the activities that take place, the good times they live and all the things they learn, is a beautiful way of making a place, a special space.

It is essential to have adaptable learning spaces.

The Hannah desk is for children up to 5 years old that need to know exactly where they put their school supplies.

Can you imagine being able to give a change to the class and adapt it according to what it has to be used for? It is not necessary to have large spaces, but with school furniture that can be adapted to different activities. Tables that are used to draw, paint and do math, assets that to for dynamic activities and storage space to put everything away when they are done.



Good lighting is necessary.

Use school furniture adapted for each learning space.

When choosing the furniture, it is necessary to take into account the activities that will be carried out in each place and the ages of the students who will work in those classrooms. Depending on the age, it will be necessary to opt for one type of furniture or another, that can achieve a good position of the back, a comfortable seat and most of all, a little personal space.

If you are looking for something special, you need to check out our special childen’s furniture section!

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