How to create the perfect Montessori style playroom

Montessori playroom

Montessori-style playrooms are gaining popularity… And for good reason! Oftentimes, parents may feel pressured into buying an array of expensive and entertaining toys in order to make sure that they are appropriately stimulating their little brains. However, little ones don’t need twenty different toys that light up and sing! In fact, they need the opposite!

Little ones need engaging activities that promote independence, structure and routine! Routine and boundaries are not about discipline. They are about setting up expectations for our children that they truly need in order to thrive. 


They need us to be dependable and reliable, even in the that we play!


A true Montessori style play room will have no more than 8-10 engaging activities for the child to independently interact with. 

These activities should be at eye level to the child. In addition to promoting independence, the Montessori style strives to promote both gross and fine motor skills. Each activity will have it’s own designated area (this makes it easier to teach your little one to clean up their activity before moving on to the next one too!).

Climbing furniture works great in Montessori style playrooms! I know it’s tempting to want to assist them in in climbing but its best to allow them to explore their own abilities! Toddlers and babies are so creative! Especially when they are given the chance to focus on one activity at a time. 

When your little one has too many options placed in front of them in a crowded play space, it makes it difficult for them to ever master a skill. Think about how operate as adults, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing fifteen things at 30% capacity! The goal is to have engaging options for our little one’s! That’s where Wiwirurka comes in! 

There is nothing wrong with rotating toys in your toy room! Place an activity/toy in storage and swap it out for a different one so that the room does not get over crowded! 

Wiwiurka’s options are endless for engaging and stimulating activities for your little ones to explore! Whether they want to hang upside down from a double rocker or climb up a foldable triangle, the options are endless! 

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