When we think of a home renovation, we generally think of looking for something new shopping for something we’ve never seen before… But we rarely think of giving new life to the products we already have – why not get creative?

We know that Wiwiurka is known for its natural wood lines and its natural and sweet tones that are with the Earth, but in the end … They are toys for children.
But they live in grown-up space – and as such, we’d love them to fit in, harmonize and blend into our personal style.

And what about when THIS happens?



Then you get to work!

It took Sylvia and her sister a few days to get this together, sweat, color, stains and a lot of creativity to get the most incredible outcome!

How about that?

Not only do we love what Sylvia did there, but we want you to be inspired too! With endless possibilities, your creativity is the only one that will dictate your vision for your Wiwiurka!

We are working on new ways to personalize your toys, and have them become part of your family in every way.

Stay tuned for new surprises coming your way!

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