Wiwiurka’s Color Palettes: A color affair!

I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”

Colorn is such a fantastic feature of life! So many combinations, emotions, expressions, and types of beauty colors bring into our spaces!

As a company we strive to create and offer children’s furniture and toys that nourish the little ones’ development, that are made in fair working conditions, in a sustainable manner, and that are beautiful to look at and integrate into the decor of family’s homes. We know that each family has its own rhythm, taste, and style, so creating color palettes for our pieces is a great way to come closer to achieving our goal of making pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and also are fit for the style of all sorts of home decor.

Diving into the rainbow

We are going to go through all the color palettes that we currently offer. We have 23+ of them (and, we keep them coming every year!  We’ve also created a special limited edition for this autumn, so an update on palettes is certainly in order. But before we begin, it’s important to note that these color combinations are our standard for now and that we will probably keep on coming up with some more palettes as time and inspiration arrive. Another important thing to mention is that we can also make custom color schemes when requested, you just need to contact us before you place an order and we can whip up those special colors you want, just bear in mind that your order will take a little longer than usual.

Let's dive into this sea of colorful options!

Inspired by Nature

These palettes come from our love for nature, the tranquility and beauty one feels when being surrounded by the natural world. 


This palette is soft and warm, an array of mild yellows that flow into pinks and from there into a reddish-brown. It’s made up of six tones all painted with non-toxic acrylic paint, if the piece you order has more than six slats or rods on each side, some tones will repeat.

This palette has six tones, so depending on the piece you order and it’s size, some of the colors will be repeated, you get to decide the order in which you want to place them. However, be sure to read the assembly instructions we send with all our pieces before putting your arch, climbing triangle or rocker together, as some of our designs require you to place certain slats in a particular order.


This is one of our most popular palettes and it’s the only one that does not use acrylic paints, instead, it is applied to our toys using several wood stains, and one rod or slat will be left in the wood’s natural tone without staining. This palette’s tones are earthy, warm and easy to combine in a space that has wooden furniture and decor made with natural fibers, but please note that it’s not all brown per se. As you can see, there is a dark chocolate brown, a mahogany dark red, a mid-brown that’s similar to chestnut, and two lighter tones before the natural unstained rod.

It’s a beautiful option for areas with natural light pouring in, or that want to bring a sense of warmth into the room.


This palette is very dear to us, it is inspired by the family walks we sometimes take in the mountainous forests in the small town we live in central Mexico. It’s all about the earthy tones, the majestic greenery and the subtle moist that is typical of these forests. The palette is made of 8 different colors, depending on the piece and size that you order in this palette, you can receive some rods in the same color.

This palette will blend very nicely with spaces with wooden furniture and colorful wall art with plant themes or landscapes. Its tones can also work as color accents in a mostly cream or beige room.


The three tones of green, including a yellowish one, along with a light turquoise of this palette reminded us of the natural beauty of a meadow, so its name came from there. Green is a color that brings into a space a special type of combination of both liveliness and tranquility and a piece in this palette will too. This palette is perfect for wild-animal themed kids’ room and looks beautiful under natural light.

This palette is composed of four distinct tonalities, so there will be some rods or slats that will have the same color, how to arrange them is up to your own taste.


Inspired by the fantasy of a day lost in the woods. The color, the life, the water… Doesn’t this palette feel like walking through flowers into a clear blue stream? That was the inspiration behind this beautifully crafted palette, with the warmth of the colors of nature, and the blues & greens of a lush day lost in the woods. 

This one can have a chocolate stain too! Go to the end of this post and find a few extra customizable palettes (including this one) and give it an extra touch of lovely personality! 
Additionally, you can also find other items in this palette, like the ring tower set. 


We just love rainbows and so do many children! The beautiful array of rainbow colors cheers up the spirit. These are our different interpretations of rainbow colorfulness.


This is one of our fist palettes and we love it! It’s composed of 12 different vibrant rainbow tones, from bright red to violet, spreading through oranges, yellows, greens, and blues. 

This palette is perfect for a colorful kids’ room and it really brightens any space.

The number of colored rods varies for our climbing Pikler triangles depending on their size, and so do the slats on our rockers, so if you choose this palette the number of colors will be adapted to the number of rods or slates of the piece, but the rainbow tonalities will be respected.


For those who love the rainbow gamut but prefer a softer color intensity, our Pastel Rainbow is a perfect option, you have all the lively joy of rainbow colorfulness, but less intense. This palette is perfect to have in neutral-colored rooms where you have some color accents here and there.

It also has 12 different tones but instead of a rich red and violet, you have a dark cream-pink and a lovely lilac, all the rainbow tones are creamy instead of vibrant.


We created this palette in collaboration with the talented artist Lisa Chow and it’s become one of our favorites!

These colors follow the rainbow chromatic line but are quite softer and creamier and there is a certain ice-cream or cotton candy vibe to them. This palette is made with 6 different tones, so if you order a large climbing triangle, for example, you will have a couple of rods with repeat colors.

Vibrant Colors

These are our richest and most lively color palettes. They have different inspiration sources, but they all share a beautiful vibrant vibe. These palettes use contrast as a way to enjoy the richness of color.


This palette is inspired in the wonderful coral reefs of the Caribbean; it has a warm, exotic, joyful and fresh feeling to it. Two vibrant orange tones, a cheerful yellow one and two close tones of turquoise make for the five rods of our Coral palette. This palette is ideal for a cheerful and lively decor, an ambiance to keep the spirits high and energetic.

The number of colored rods varies for our climbing Pikler triangles depending on their size, and so do the slats on our rockers, so if you choose this palette the number of colors will be adapted to the number of rods or slates of the piece, but the rainbow tonalities will be respected.


From greens to blues, this eight-piece palette brings the beautiful feeling of the ocean into a room. For kids that are curios adventurers of the seven seas, this pallet will be a perfect fit. The greens are lively and the blues are relaxing, a great addition for a marine-themed room.


Blooming Fiesta is inspired in Mexican culture, it’s festive spirit and bright and colorful landscape. This palette has six different colors in a vibrant and playful tone: deep violet, rich pink, bright yellow, a greenish turquoise, a rich blue close to teal, and a dark blue.

This palette makes your children’s climbers and rockers emanate a festive mood and it looks absolutely beautiful in a boho-chick type
of home surrounded by colorful accents. If color is what you are looking for, Blooming Fiesta is one of our top candidates.


Mexican culture is very diverse, each strand of its intricate tapestry comes from different parts of the country, each with different ecosystems, different ancient and current ethnic roots, different histories; but something that unites and weaves all of this together is a profound spirit of celebration. Celebrating life, celebrating that we are who we are, that we get to live through complex and rich experiences, that we survive and bloom through all sorts of hardships, that we can enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and create some more –that’s the celebration spirit we’re talking about.


I’ll loosely call this section “Monochromatics” because the following palettes are made up of different tones in the same color, or involve black or white. Let’s check them out!


This is palette is made up of four tones of turquoise, from a light bluish one to a more greenish turquoise. These tones look beautiful together and are a great gender-neutral option for a kids’ play space without losing any of the fun and stimuli that colors bring to kids.

This palette is easy to integrate into a more uniform and well-blended home décor, but it can also work in a high-contrast room and it looks fantastic under both artificial and natural light.

This colorful addition to the Wiwiurka family is a tribute and celebration of 


This is for a more elegant or contemporary style, black, white and two tones of gray. It works great in homes that prefer a sense of space over color accents. Our pieces in the monochrome palette look so beautiful and also are a fun gender-neutral option.

This colorful addition to the Wiwiurka family is a tribute and celebration of 


This palette is an exploration of blues, it’s made up of four tones of this lovely color. For any child that is fascinated by blue, this is a great option! As this palette has 4 tones, there will be more than one slat or rod with the same tone, you can arrange them with two of each together, or set them in any order you and your child prefer.

This colorful addition to the Wiwiurka family is a tribute and celebration of 


Pink is a fascinating color, soft warm and playful. If your child is going through a very pink phase, this palette is likely the one. From the softest of light pinks to a rich and gorgeous darker pink, this palette is easy to combine or blend in all sorts of decor styles: it becomes a beautiful accent piece in a minimalist space or a colorful part of a vibrant boho style.

This colorful addition to the Wiwiurka family is a tribute and celebration of 


This is our latest palette, a clean but natural white tone. The palette is truly monochromatic as its all the same tone. We made it for the first time as a custom order, but when we finished it and also after we saw pictures shared by the person who ordered it, we realized it was a simple and very gorgeous option. Bear in mind though, that all the rods or slats are the same. It is harmonious and contemporary, easy to blend in any scandi-styled space or with minimalist decor.

Besides all these palette options, we also offer a natural wood finish for all our pieces, this means we do not add any paint, wood stain or sealer. The natural wooden finish is a very popular option because looking at the natural tones and patterns of the wood is also quite beautiful and easy to fit in with many home styles.

This colorful addition to the Wiwiurka family is a tribute and celebration of 

Special Editions





As a limited edition for the rest of 2019 and a celebration of the beauties of Autumn, we created an “Autumn Rainbow” and “Autumn Earth” coloring where you have a Rainbow or Earth palette for the rods of slats, but the sides of the rockers and climbing triangles have been painted with a dark chocolate brown with a wood stain. A very autumny vibe indeed!


Please note that all our color palettes are made with non-toxic acrylic paints except the Earth palette, that one is painted with classic wood stain, and the limited fall editions “Autumn Rainbow” and “Autumn Earth” that we just mentioned.
None of our indoor pieces receive a coat of sealer because small children will be in direct and constant contact with the surfaces of our toys, and, well it’s quite common for young children to place their hand inside their mouth often, we don’t want kids to ingest any amount of wood sealer by regular contact.

These are the current color options that we offer. We hope that this post can help you choose which one is the right one for your child’s rocker, arch or triangle.
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