Rocker for babies, toddlers and kids.

The Rockers: most families favourite

Kids’ Rocker is by far some of our most popular pieces. The experience of rocking can be soothing and soft, or exciting and rapid, it depends on the rocking speed, but both ways are ideal for a child to play with and develop motor and spatial skills. Our rockers are designed to offer children both rocking options and furthermore, they can also use them as climbers when set upside down, or as storefronts when engaged in imaginative play by setting the rocker on its side.

Versatile, clean and open-ended, Kids' Rocker is the perfect excuse to stay active, curious and engaged!

"The best toy to keep my children entertained while I adult!" - Jenny F.

The rocker for babies and kids is designed to be a very resistant piece, we well know that children often get excited when using them and enjoy rocking quickly hard! This piece is made with top-quality national pine wood for the slats and certified European birch plywood for the sides.

As with all our toys, our kids’rocker is intended to be a helpful and all-purpose tool for a child’s development. We designed them to be open-ended, this means that even though its main purpose is to be a rocker, it can also be used as a climber, as a small cave if you cover it with a blanket or a play silk, or as a storefront or a fort when the rocker is set on its side. The goal of an open-ended object is to invite a kid’s imagination to use it in many ways and that’s what our rockers do.

A kids' rocker with a rock climbing ramp

Our kids' rocker is designed to be fully compatible with our reversible ramp and our rock-climbing board. We adapted the slats so that the space allows for the ramps to snap into place properly.

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Rocking on this piece strengthens abdominal and core muscles, enhances limb-core coordination, helps develop a stronger sense of balance during motion, and helps the brain create sight-movement neural paths. A wooden rocker is a great option for sensory play, as rocking on them stimulates proprioception, the vestibular system, along with vision and touch.

All three sizes have a curvature designed to ease safe rocking, it will not flip over, nor hurt their fingers, as there is a generous space between the slats and the floor, creating this protection with the side slats.

Kids' Rocker: Three sizes, so much fun!

While they’re all designed to be awesome, safe and fun, our three sizes have some design differences. 

  • An easy way to distinguish the XXL rocker from the double rocker is to check their handles at the middle: the double rocker’s handles protrude from the sideboards, while the ones in the XXL rocker are carved in.
  • Another detail to note is that the small rocker doesn’t have handles in the middle.

The small Kids' Rocker


Given the age recommendation for our small rocker, it’s a great piece for daycare services and mommy and me play spaces. Our kids’ rocker is durable and sturdy, it will easily last much longer than the five years it takes for a child to outgrow it, so younger siblings will play on it too.

Perfect for only-child families, it’s a particularly good choice when space is limited at home. It’s easy for a child to rock both sitting or lying down on this piece, moreover, children can also rock on it standing up!

  • Dimensions: Height: 17” Length: 33” Width: 17.1”
  • Recommended ages: 1 to 6 years old
  • Max weight: 100 lbs or 45 kgs 

Double rocker

It’s great for very energetic and thrill-seeking kids! This woodein rocker  helps children with lots of energy (especially siblings, cousins, friends…) feel focused, joyful and calmer when they are able to use the energy is an activity that engages their senses and requires some physical workout.

The double rocker fits two kids comfortably on each side as they rock together, you can always place a blanket beneath or pillows to make it comfier, and kids can easily nap on it too.

  • Dimensions:  40″ long, 17″ tall and 15″ wide
  • Recommended ages: 2 to 8 years old
  • Max weight: 143 lbs or 65 kgs 

The XXL rocker

The jewel in our crown! Always imitated, never duplicated, our rocker original design can fit up to 4 small children at once, bearing in mind the weight limit. This kids’rocker is our largest piece and because of that, children can use it for a longer time and it can hold more children rocking on it at once; basically, a child can grow-up with an XXL rocker.

A perfect bridge, boat, rocker, reading corner and even a top tier seesaw, possibilities are endless! Something you may not know, but it’s perfect for adults with the soul of a child! The XXL rocker can hold a full weigh adult for rocking, stretching and laying back! 

  • Dimensions:  43″ long, 19″ high and 24″ wide
  • Recommended ages: 18 months to 10 years old
  • Max weight: 176 lbs or 80 kgs

Have fun with your kids' rocker at any age

Children go through many development stages in the space they can use a wooden rocker. As a child’s interests and developmental needs change while growing, so will the uses for the rocker change.

  • A 2 year-old child will use it a lot as a climber, specially when combined with one of our ramps.
  • A 4 year old kid with will be switching often from climbing to rocking probably all during imaginative play.
  • A 5-year old will often use it to rock and burn those energy boosts that are so typical of that age, specially if friends come over to play.
  • A seven 7 year old will use it to rock, but also as a place to read while slowly rocking.

Got any questions about the Kids' rocker? Leave them below!

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