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The Ramps

Today we are going to feature the two add-on pieces that work as links between our main indoor pieces, but also as extra climbing and sliding pieces; I am talking about the reversible ramp and the rock-climbing board: the ramps.

We call the ramps “add-ons” because they are designed to complement our indoor pieces, the climbing Pikler arch, the climbing Pikler triangle, and the rockers. However, with a little bit of creativity, we’ve seen that some families also use them on their own. We’ll talk more about that bellow.

They are add-ons also because you can purchase a climber or rocker without a ramp and later on order a ramp, they are sold separately, or you can just purchase your Wiwiurka piece with the ramp of your choice from the very start, it’s up to you.

The ramps: rock climbing board
Three rock-climbing boards in Sunset, Earth, and Voices of the Mountain palettes. Please note that these boards are not meant to be used to build a rock-climbing wall.
Okay, let’s talk about the ramps’ purpose and get into the details of each one.

In a nutshell, the purpose of our ramps is to offer an adjustable slide and an extra climbing platform that can be used across our indoor climbers and rockers, and that can also serve to link them together into a playset. The ramps can be placed at different levels on our Pikler triangle and our climbing Pikler arch, so the slope for climbing or sliding can be adjusted according to the challenge your child is ready to take.

This Aquamarine climbing Pikler arch has a reversible ramp on its climbing side and placed on the arch’s third rod for a medium slope, but as you can see, the ramp can be placed on any of the four rods to adjust for difficulty.

A climbing Pikler arch and a baby that’s just beginning to feel the “climbing wiggles”, for example: placing a ramp on its climbing side at the second or third rod will offer a very mild slope for the baby to start climbing and become more familiar with the piece. As the baby grows and strengthens, the slope can be made a little steeper by raising the ramp and placing it one rod higher.

A Voices of the Mountain climbing Pikler triangle with a matching rock-climbing board set at a medium height.

Now flip the board and you have a slide! Both our ramps have a smooth side meant for your child to use it as a slide. When using the ramps as slides, we recommend you give it a steeper angle by placing it on a higher rod. In the case of using the climbing Pikler triangle, you have more rods to fasten the ramp that on the arch.

Smooth surfaces

Because of the smooth sliding side in both ramps, children soon figure out that they can also slide their dolls, teddy bears or even better, their toys with wheels! And then a whole new window of imaginative play opens. Kids will want to take their favorite little car through a whole obstacle course that ends the adventure with a big slide. Or get their stuffed animals to climb along to the top of a mountain to then take the waterfall slide all the way back down. And… did you know that dinosaurs love slides?

The ramps: slider
In this fabulous photo by @jocelysmithphoto the little girl as a ball pit to slide into from her Sunset large climbing Pikler triangle, that is what I call great fun! The gorgeous dress she is wearing is by @pleiadesdesign.

If you have a triangle and an arch, or a rocker and a triangle, you can connect them by placing the ramp as a bridge between the two, it can we at the same height on both sides so your child can cross it easily or even play shop using it as a counter-top.

For big families too!

Using a ramp between two other pieces opens a new imaginative play dimension: the ramp becomes the best way to get from one to the other across the molten lava beneath. It also can become a table to prepare or serve delicious tea and cookies, or sell them to all those customers that keep the shop so busy.

A reversible ramp being used as a bridge between a climbing Pikler arch and a climbing Pikler triangle. As you can see, it also allows more children to play on the set at once.
This lovely photo is by

What about the rockers?

You can definitely use the ramps with our rockers, however, we recommend that you take a look at our article about them, as there are some design details to take into account.

A ramp enhances the playing scope of our single rocker as it offers a climbing option for a piece that is climbable but is more about rocking. So with either of our ramps, the playing possibilities for a small rocker are considerably broadened, and because the ramp is easy to store, it’s perfect for families that choose the single rocker due to having a small living space.

You can see how the gap between the rocker’s slats is slightly larger than the rest, that’s where the ramp’s edge fits and can be secured. This is a Blooming Fiesta XXL rocker with a reversible ramp. The wonderful traditional Mexican embroidery pieces in this photo are by @amanoarte.

Please bear in mind that the ramps can only be placed at one height in our XXL rocker because its slats are placed much closer to each other than the rods used in the climbers, so there is only one gap large enough for a ramp to be fastened.

Here you can see how to easily and securely fasten a ramp on a climbing triangle: a simple yet very effective mechanism!
Versatile is their middle name

Our ramps have an extra benefit: they expand the playing options and allow more children to play on the same climber or rocker, so it’s ideal if you have two children with a short age-gap, the youngest will play more with the ramp while the eldest can climb on the other side, or vice versa.

Even the kitty can join the playing session with these two siblings! As you can see, the rock-climbing ramp on this Pink climbing arch expands the play area, allowing two kids to play at once, and even a young cat. This cute photo is by @alittleofme.alotofthem

Okay, now let us dive into the differences between our two types of ramps.

The reversible ramp.

The reversible ramp is ideal to use on any of our climbers or rockers. On this ramp, a child can slide on its very smooth side and climb on the other side that has wooden strips as steps.

The reversible ramp is all in natural wood finish, it isn’t painted in any palette. It’s 110 cm long and 30 cm wide. Its weight limit is 45 kg.

When children are developing the gross motor skills climbing, they are using as many muscles as possible in each movement and their brain is setting the neural paths for as many movements. Don’t be surprised when you notice how your child’s toes are part of the action too!
Here we see a reversible ramp being used on a natural wood finish triangle and that tiny foot hard at work. This beautiful photo is courtesy of @dr.organicmommy
It’s made to last!

It has 5 sturdy strips of wood that are for your child to climb from, but also to click it in place to your climber or rocker. On its sliding side, it has one strip at one end, it’s for clicking it into place when being used on the climber side. Please note that the side to be leaned on the climber or rocker is the one with the wooden strips at both ends, these wooden strips make sure the ramp will be fastened to the other piece and it won’t slide off.

Here you can clearly see the differences between the reversible ramp (the two on the left) and the rock-climbing board (the two on the right), and also see both sides of each ramp: the smooth side for sliding and the climbing side.

The rock climbing board.

The rock climbing board has seven wooden beans painted in the palette of your choice or natural; they’re like the bits rock-climbers use to practice, hence the name. The rock-climbing board is a little longer and wider than the reversible ramp: it’s 122cm long and 40cm wide. Its weight limit is 55 kg.

This board is very cute and kids tend to be attracted to its colorful climbing-beans.
This is how a child coordinates hands and feet while climbing with this board.

As shown, the rock-climbing board is a bit wider and longer than the reversible ramp, a benefit of this feature is that babies have more space to practice their upward crawling on the one hand, while on the other, older kids have more space for their tushie when sliding.

Don’t hang it up!

It is important to clarify that the rock-climbing board is not a climbing wall. It is not designed to be hung on the wall to create a rock-climbing practice wall and would not work safely as such, it’s meant to be an add-on for our indoor climbers and rockers. We do not recommend to hang it on a wall at all.

An XXL rocker in Rainbow palette with a matching rock-climbing board. As you can see, it’s strong enough for mommy to climb every once in a while to join her little one and play together.
This delightful capture is by @pluswonderland

The playing options for both our ramps are really very open: you can place one end on a chair and the other on a couch or bed, you can place it on a heavy chair or sofa (such that it will not wobble) and use it as a climber, you can make it a bridge to use outside, but before you do, be sure to read through our “Wiwiurka outdoors” article so you know the necessary measures to take when using our toys outside, –remember, these toys are designed for indoor use.

Check out how some families use our ramps!

A soft ottoman can become part of the playset thanks to a reversible ramp in this fantastic playroom. This photograph is by @homeiswhereverimwithyoutwo
You can use a ramp very easily with some of the soft children’s furniture from @nuggetcomfort as this delightful photo by @ourplayfuldwelling shows.
It’s amazing to see how well @nuggetcomfort soft furniture for kids complements our pieces, including our ramps used on their own, it’s very clear in this capture by @ourplayfuldwelling.
This baby likes to follow the path made with the ramp!
This cute photo is by
A raised ramp using the patio steps, that’s a very ingenious way to bring a new climbing challenge for the little one, and even the dogs! This wonderful photo is by @whitneyleighmorris
For families with several children and some pets, a two triangle playset can be just the right option, and with one or two ramps this playset can go a very long way!
This fun photo is by @carmenshalene

I hope this article has answered any questions you’ve had about our reversible ramps and rock-climbing boards. See you next week!

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