Kid playing in the triangular rope ladder

The rope-ladder triangle is a must. Children naturally want to pull themselves up, climb and explore their surroundings. This impulse begins around their 8th month and continues throughout all childhood; climbing is a fundamental activity for children to develop their brain connections to their muscles and joints and, to strengthen them as they grow; it is also key for tuning and processing of sensory information. At Wiwiurka we have designed several climbing options for kids of different ages, mostly for indoor use, we have talked about our climbing Pikler arch for babies, our 3 sizes of climbing  triangles, and about how our rockers can also be used as challenge-based climbers! 

Today, you can go through the details of our rope-ladder triangle, a piece that hangs from above and offers many fun ways to play while climbing. So let’s jump on it!

Climbing during childhood.

Physical movement at an early age is the foundation for cognitive development, sensory information processing, and later on, for reading, writing, and analytical thinking. A developing body and mind that are growing need to move, establish connections, and strengthen every day!

Through climbing, children begin to develop their fine motor skills including dexterity, grip, and grasp. Climbing allows children to build their physical strength and gross motor skills, this leads to healthier childhood habits and an overall good feeling about their bodies. Furthermore, climbing in a safe area with climbers appropriate for each child’s developmental stage is a boost for their self-confidence; the sense of agency emerges and is reaffirmed naturally from being able to reach the top of a structure, do it quicker, and eventually, do it in more creative and acrobatic ways.

Girl playing on the triangular rope ladder in the forest

The rope-ladder triangle.

Climbing makes children strengthen their arms and legs, it enhances eye-hand coordination and stimulates balance among other benefits. These developmental benefits apply to all of our climbers, but in the case of climbing on a hanging structure like our rope-ladder triangle, the sense of balance in motion is particularly enhanced. This piece provides a great muscle and core workout, stimulating proprioception development along with space and perspective visual functions.

Unlike our other pieces, the climber hangs from the top

Kid on top of the triangular rope ladder

This means that you can install it on your ceiling if you want it to be used indoors, or from a tree branch if you want your child to do some climbing outdoors. As we mentioned in our article about using our pieces outdoors, it’s important for you to let us know where are you planning to install the rope-ladder triangle as we use different types of rope and finish for outdoor and indoor use.

Moreover, if you want to be able to use it in both settings by moving it every so often, we recommend that you order it as an outdoor piece and remember to apply a coat of wood sealer once a year.

Sizes & specs

Small Triangular rope ladder isolated

Small Rope-Ladder Triangle

The small climber can be used by children as young as 3 years old, but we recommend that children under 4 years old or with special needs use the ladder always under adult supervision. This piece can be used up to the ages of 8 or 9 years old, as long as the maximum weight is respected.

  • Height, from its base up to the snap-ring, is 2.10 meters or 6 ft and 10.67’’ and has 4 levels. 
  • Its maximum weight limit is 50Kg or 110.23lb. 
  • Given its height, the small rope-ladder is ideal for a playroom or a child’s bedroom. 
  • The wooden rods are 65 cm or 25.5 inches each.
Big triangular rope ladder toy isolated

Large Rope-Ladder Triangle

The large rope-ladder triangle age recommendation is 3 to 10 years old, but as with the small one, adult supervision is recommended for children under 4 years old.

  • This large rope-ladder is 3 meters or 10 ft tall from the first triangle level up to the snap ring.
  • To hang this piece from a tree, the branch must be 11 ft tall at least.
  • The maximum weight for this size is 80 kg or 176 lb.
Due to its height, the large rope-ladder triangle is best for outdoor use, but if you have high ceilings where it properly fits, it will work great inside too.
Make sure the ladder is at least 3 feet away from any wall. Each of the wooden rods is 65 cm long. This rope-ladder size has six levels.

Some children will enjoy swinging on the rope-ladder triangle, so we recommend that you leave a free-space area around the rope-ladder of at least 1.8 m or 70 in, and make sure the ladder is at least 3 feet away from any wall.

Kid swing on the triangular rope ladder

Rope-ladder triangle play suggestions and recommendations.

Our rope-ladder triangle is a really popular option for thrill-seekers and kids with a lot of energy! And if you place it outside when the weather is nice, it’s also a great spot for your child to feel closer to nature and have some contemplative moments just hanging up there, looking at the birds and the clouds. You can also hang it under a roof on a porch or inside the house.

Children become very attached to this piece as they grow because it also becomes a personal space that can be fun and dynamic when they are in an energy-burning mood. Once they are a bit tired or just calm, it also is a place where they can contemplate their world from a higher perspective and unleash their thoughts. They can slowly swing while being on it finding this motion quite soothing.
Children develop and grow so quickly! Before you know it, they’ll become skilled climbers with their rope-ladder triangle.
Mary L.

We hope this post has answered any questions you had about this climber. If you have any others please contact us through our website or our social media.

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