The perfect play companion: Rudie Nudie playmats

Improving growth and achieving optimal development for children is a concern for many parents and educators alike, and with so many “do’s & dont’s” in parenting today… Where can we really go? 

Starting from an early age with perceptual stimulations is very important, but how can we promote without overstimulating?

One of the tools that we can count on, both for our homes and for schools and nurseries, are playmats.  

Why? These, in addition to offering protection against falls and being a friendly surface for them to play, can provide a stimulus for its development. Mant educators ave realized that stimulating development and perception of children is essential from the crawling stage , and that means stimulating children on the floor becomes one of the post important elements of developing minds. 


That's where playmats come in. They incorporate drawings, numbers and many colors!

These can be as neutral or as crazy in design as you want! Game idea; Make the maymat into a giant puzzle in which children have to fit pieces! 

The play floor has to be a safe surface, and colors offer many more important benefits for early development in babies and children. Early development is essential, and play mats are one of the most versatile products!

Advantages of using playmats

If you have babies or even toddlers – you just know how important safety is. Playmats, whether they are cushy or not, they are the perfect surface to also teach children where they can play or not. 

They encourage children to develop fine motor skills, visual sensory development and coordination. Play mats also teach logic and reasoning skills, plus, they’re a fun way to spend parent-child bonding time working on communication and sharing skills.

  • Early development: Play mats are specifically designed to be educational and to encourage child curiosity. Many playmats have interactive features such as removable puzzle shapes, fun tiles and different shapes, Well-designed play mats encourage children to develop their skills, visual sensory development and coordination. 
  • Sensory stimulation: There are models that incorporate bright colors and a variety of textured surfaces to engage a child for hours of discovery and play. These features provide a little one with important sensory experiences. They can also contain vibrant-colored tiles intended to encourage the child’s logic, reasoning and motor skills.
  • Safety: Play mats provide a soft, safe, and colorful play space at home, school, or the office. They are made from a non-toxic eco-foam that is washable, durable and good at insulating children from cold floors.
  • Versatility: Suitable for children, the play mats are adaptable to many ages. These kinds of surfaces are perfect for nurseries, playrooms and playgrounds. Holidays are perfect for babies and toddlers.

Our favorites: The Rudie Nudie Playmats!

This Australian-based company created what we believe is the ideal play mat! Something that combines outdoor, indoor, messy and colorful play? YES PLEASE!

Perfect for nappy-free play, the Rudie Nudie Playmat is waterproof and comes in a vibrant pattern, perfect for fun learning! Additionally, they are totally waterproof playmat with a soft snug layer on top, which means no need for extra blankets.

"If you’ve read the books too, you’ll understand the importance of nappy-free tummy time – especially for your baby’s physical development. It helps to build strength and range of movement, to provide increased sensory stimulation, and to reduce nappy rash. Like me, you’ve probably tried disposable change mats with comfy blankets on top, or towels and cloth nappies, but it was always the same: too much mess. Does this sound familiar? Trust me, I tried it all."

Why we love them

It’s no secret we’re fans of playmats. Plus, we get asked about them A LOT. 

Especially, when it comes to Wiwiurka outdoors! People are always wondering whether their toys will get dirty or suffer through a day of outdoor play.  So when we found Rudie Nudie playmats we though – PERFECT MATCH! 

It's perfect for messy play

Everything you need, all in one mat. On top, a plush cotton layer to keep your baby comfy. In the middle, an absorbent quilted layer for any little accidents! And finally, a waterproof membrane – so no more wet patches on the floor. It ticks all the boxes. Plus, it’s machine washable and dries easily.
Machine washable, that’s right! 

There's one for everyone!

Whether you’re a neutral colors enthusiast or a give-me-all-the-colors kind of mom, these beautifully designed play mats will blend seamlessly into your living room. 


And we all know that it’s hard to keep track of the mess, and the spaces, and the combined elements children put together, so there! 

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The play mats can also travel with your child, allowing you to set up a safe and comfortable space anywhere, and the colorful tiles and textures help keep kids entertained for hours. Most playmats fold up or break easily when folded. These play mats are washable, but always by hand. 
And yes, every one of these Rudie Nudie playmats comes with its matching cotton bag! 

They're everyone friendly!

Since they are machine washable & really resistant, they’re perfect for picnics, transportation, days at the beach, and yes… even your furry best friends! 

So now, there’s no excuse why you can’t all enjoy a day out together!

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