Climbing pikler triangle in three different sizes

Enter one of our most versatile and practical pieces, the climbing triangle, designed to promote your child’s gross motor development from the very beginning.

Also called a Pikler triangle, the climbing triangle was designed by Dr. Emmi Pikler (1902 -1984) to give kids the opportunity to climb at their own pace, learn to control their movements and discover their own body’s limits. This can be done in a safe environment at home –when playing outdoors is not possible.


A climbing triangle helps with strength balance movement spatial awareness problem solving memory

Our version of the climbing triangle is very similar to the original, but we’ve made two important additional features for it, in order to better adapt it to the pace and needs of contemporary families. 

pikler triangle

The first new feature is that we’ve made it foldable: its two legs can be folded with ease for storage and transportation. 

And the second difference is that we make our triangles bigger than the original and have them in different sizes; this way a wider age-range of children can take advantage of Emmi Pikler’s innovative design, and therefore serve the purpose of giving children the means to develop their gross motor skills indoors in a practical manner.

It’s a terrific piece that satisfies the enthusiastic little climber your child becomes at approximately 8 months old, and whose wiggles will take them into their first steps and pretty sun, their first climb! 

Our three climbing triangles

The small climbing triangle

The small triangle is meant for babies and young toddlers during the crawling and climbing stage. Once the child starts to show eagerness to climb on things around the house (or even on parents), which usually happens between the 7 months, he or she is ready to start climbing on our small triangle.

The small triangle is particularly enhanced by adding a ramp to go with it, either the reversible ramp or the rock climbing board. Both are very useful for your baby as a “beginner’s option” because you can adjust the angle for the climbing ramp depending on which rod of the climbing triangle you place it on. Begin on the second rod and as your child gets the hang of it you can place it higher.

Small triangles are also ideal for RIE approach groups, “mommy and me” playgroups and daycare services, given the age range they are designed for and their durability.

  • Material: Pinewood 
  • Paints & stains: Water-bases, non-toxic
  • Age recommendation: 9 months – 4 years old
  • Weight limit: 90 lbs or 40kgs

The medium climbing triangle

Medium triangles are a very good idea for toddlers that, for whatever reason, have not been able to fully develop their initial motor skills and muscle strength, and that is slightly over a year old. This triangle size allows them to pursue their movement and climbing needs without it being too challenging for their age, especially if combined with a ramp; but it also will provide enough climbing challenges to help them develop and improve their initial gross motor skills.

It’s also a great option for siblings where one has started to climb and the other is 2 or 3 years old, especially if you add a ramp. They will both be able to get their climbing energy to work, develop and play together.

  • Material: Pinewood or plywood
  • Paints & stains: Water-bases, non-toxic
  • Age recommendation: 1 -5 years old
  • Weight limit: 100 lbs or 45kgs

The large climbing triangle

Large triangles are for the biggest kids at home! Whether you have 2,3,4 or 5 children (and their cousins), the large triangle is the safest bet for endless fun! This size allows them to challenge themselves to go higher, place the ramp higher and event race against the clock to go up and down. And it’s perfect for them to have a corner to themselves underneath! 

  • Material: Pinewood or plywood
  • Paints & stains: Water-bases, non-toxic
  • Age recommendation: 2-7 years old
  • Weight limit: 110 lbs or 50kgs
Opciones para el triángulo para escalar pikler

If you have more than one child, you can complement the large triangle with two ramps, a climbing arch for a younger sibling, or a rocker for an older sibling. The triangle is a very versatile piece and it’s easy to build an entire set combining it with other climbing structures. It’s great when it comes to building an obstacle course too!



As a fun change, you can cover the triangle with a colorful play-silk or a blanket to create a tipi, a fort, a wild animal’s den, a cave, or any other themed little cozy and private space for your child. In there he or she can spend some resting time with toys, a book, or even take a nap.ᅠ


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Finally, the climbing triangle is our only foldable piece.

So, if you have a small playing space, you can fold the climbing triangle with ease and store it in a closet, under a bed, or even just rest it against the wall. It’s really easy to fold and unfold!

This is how one of our triangles looks folded next to its reversible ramp, as you can see, it’s easier to store away if needed, but also, you can just recline it on the wall if your playroom is also your living room or the child’s bedroom.

This is a medium triangle in our Coral Palette.

pkler triangle foldable wooden climbing triangle

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