Kid on his table bench: Baby Tadeus

This beautiful bench table designed by grandpa Wiwiurka, who was inspired by his youngest grandson to create a multifunctional piece of furniture that works as a table and bench, with the innovation that once placed upside down it becomes a climbing dom where the little ones can start their first adventures. As the rest of Wiwiurka’s toys, our Ramps can also be adapted safely to the Baby Tadeus and add more challenge and fun when climbing! 

Bench table illustration

Since its launching in August 2020, the Baby Tadeus bench table has become very popular with families, having even won the Mom’s Choice Awards in 2021.

You can find the Baby Tadeus in 10 different color patterns, so it can be easily incorporated to your home design and décor.

The bench Table: The ideal companion for your baby’s first months of life

The recommended age to start using Baby Tadeus is around 9 months old, or when your baby starts to sit on his/her own. The bench table is of great use when starting the complementary feeding process, and as opposed to high chairs, you will feel less worried knowing your baby will be safe if you have to go back to the kitchen to fetch something else! 

Baby Tadeus is quick and easy to clean using a wet towel. Its design makes it impossible for food residues to stick, as many times happens with high chairs, making it very hygienic.

Dad and daughter in the table bench

Bench Table Specifications

Recommended use for 9 to 30-month-olds. 

These are the technical specifications of Baby Tadeus:

  • Measurements: Length: 90 cm. Height: 46 cm. Width: 68 cm.
  • Maximum weight: 65 pounds.
  • Made with: FSC European Birch Plywood, pine wood. Painted with non-toxic paints, and matte finish. 
  • Compatible with our Reversible Ramp and Rock Climbing Ramp.

Jelli O. IN LOVE WITH OUR BABY TADEUZ First of all, super duper satisfied and impressed with their customer service. This was sent and received way ahead of schedule. My baby loves playing with her toys on the table side & loves moving around the climbing side. Thank you so so much!

How to take your Baby Tadeus to the next level?


When you add the Medium Foldable Triangle and the Reversible Ramp to your Baby Tadeus, you will effortlessly help your baby develop their gross motor skills as they overcome new challenges and identify the limits of their body to a larger development of their proprioception.

The Koala Set includes:

  • Baby Tadeus
  • Medium Foldable Triangle
  • Reversible Ramp 

You can acquire it as a set, or if you already have the Baby Tadeus,  you can add the other pieces separately to complete the set. Remember that even when your baby does not fit sitting anymore, the Baby Tadeus can still be used as a climbing dom (taking into account the maximum weight of 65 pounds).

Other ideal complements for your Baby Tadeus bench table

Kids playing with the bench table at the playroom

Additional to the Foldable Triangle and Reversible Ramp mentioned in the Koala Set, here’s our recommendations of other items to enhance your Baby Tadeus. You will love them!

  • Rainbow Porcupine: a toy inspired by the Montessori pedagogy, ideal to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and help little children recognize size and colors. 
  • Wooden Racing Car Set: set of 6 pinewood racing cars, hand-painted with beautiful colors which will thrill children of all ages.
  • Toddler Montessori Placemats: Available in color Mustard and Orange. This beautiful Montessori inspired placemat will guide your child to learn how to set the table. Includes a matching napkin.
  • Play Mat: Created in collaboration with, our play mat is ideal to bring everywhere and elevate play adventures. Providing a safe space for your kids!

Now you know why the Baby Tadeus bench table is so adorable, we invite you to enjoy its benefits at home!


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