Many parents have asked us about the different play-set combinations they can make with our products and which would be the best for their family. The answers to this question depend on how many children will be playing at a given time on the play-set, how much space they have at home, and the age gaps between each child.

Nonetheless, the XXL rocker is often in the mix because it’s a piece that an 8-year-old can use at the same time a 3-year-old does, and as said before, the rockers connect easily to our climbers and other rockers with a ramp. So let me show you some options here.

This is an XXL rocker with a small triangle in our Earth palette connected with a reversible ramp.
This setting is a great idea for a young toddler to grow into and it will give many years of play. This photo is courtesy of @thiago_st.cortez
These two brothers are playing on a medium triangle in Aqua Coral palette triangle
with a small rocker in Natural wooden finish connected with a reversible ramp.
This fun photo is courtesy of @mommynchrist
These sisters are playing on a set of two Blooming Fiesta rockers, a small and an XXL.
The hand embroidered traditional Mexican dresses are by @amanoarte
Here the XXL rocker is combined with a large climbing triangle, so these triplets and
their older brother can get many years of play from this set.
Given the age difference, it works great because the triangle with the ramp can be used
by the three little ones, while the older brother rocks away.
This photo lovely is courtesy of @our.wild.rumpus 
boys making a fort with wiwiurka's XXL rocker and climbing pikler triangle and a blanket
These same little brothers boys made a fantastic fort by rearranging their triangle and XXL rocker and adding a blanket! Fun imaginative play at work.
This playful pict is courtesy of @our.wild.rumpus 

These are some of the combinations with our rockers that are most often used by families that have already taken into their home their own Wiwiurka toys. We hope that you find them useful.

However, a rocker on its own is lots of fun too! Kids will play with them for hours in many ways and get all the developmental and physical benefits.

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