A family business adventure

Find more about our work and ideas behind the pieces that Wiwiurka makes, and how it jumped from a family business, to a small company.

Our story

Wiwiurka was born as a family brand dedicated to designing beautifully crafted furnishings and toys. It started because Ana and Marek, our founders, started their own family. Along with their passion for nature. When Wiwiurka started 10 years ago, my husband focused on Tree pruning and building OOAK playgrounds for kids, and with the passing of the years, we started developing the line of products we offer today.

Fun Facts

Did you know that the colorful porcupine was a design that came into being from watching their middle daughter’s interest in pulling out and placing back in the posts of a coat rack?


Play Anywhere

Marek and Ana designed several pieces over time, some to be used outdoors and some indoors. However, in this process, they came to realize that many children spend most of their time indoors and that given the current pace of life, children have less time to play outside in swings, slides and jungle gyms, or even just in a natural setting. So this family business set up to create a line of products that would allow children to get the movement their natural development needs, but designed to be used at home and indoors.


Wiwiurka as a company is about crafting quality pieces that are made in a fair and sustainable manner. The wood used to produce the toys comes from certified sustainable sources and from responsible local wood trimming. Avoiding toxic wood-treating substances has also been an important aspect from the very start.