actividades exteriores para niños

Tips for gardening with kids

Gardening with kids is a fun, educational and dynamic activity! Here are some tips for you to turn it into a great developmental opportunity.

climbing pikler triangle

The Foldable Climbing Triangle.

Enter one of our most versatile and practical pieces designed to promote your child’s gross motor development from the very beginning. Also called a Pikler

The climbing arch

Oh, the wiggles! This piece is special because it is meant for babies, with which they can safely begin their voyage into physical play. The

The Ramps

Today we are going to feature the two add-on pieces that work as links between our main indoor pieces, but also as extra climbing and

The rope-ladder triangle

Children naturally want to pull themselves up, climb and explore their surroundings. This impulse begins around their 8th month and continues throughout all childhood; climbing

The subtle art of re-loving Wiwiurka

When we think of a home renovation, we generally think of looking for something new shopping for something we’ve never seen before… But we rarely