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CEO & Co-founder


I am an entrepreneur and visionary woman, Economist by training, creative at heart. I am passionate about connecting purpose with prosperity. Mom of three girls, who are my main inspiration to create products and services aligned to the essential needs of children, such as being in contact with nature and allowing the free exploration of the movement of their bodies.
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Distributors & retail
22 years old, I have a degree in international trade, I love everything related to sales, especially b2b and looking for and creating new ideas to sell. I love the happiness that Wiwiurka brings to families and the beautiful community that it has created.

Xel Demesa

Brand Manager

Xel Demesa

Hi, I'm Xel: 90's girl, Aquarian always looking for novelty, music is part of my soul, discovering the world of tea and a permanent dreamer. Due to the orange blossoms of destiny, I arrived at Wiwiurka doing simple tasks, people's taste quickly began to grow with the new color palettes and assemblies that Ana would present to us any day. Soon my responsibilities grew and today I give the best of my flights coordinating the sales area, with the responsibility of reaching more homes to create happy memories.

- What do you like about working at Wiwiurka?
Their freshness, Marek and Ana have made the whole project emerge from love and with the simplicity that characterizes them. Which is reflected in the effervescence of ideas, communication and committed responsibility.

Before coming to Wiwiurka, she asked to find a way to create work ... to find the thread of how to create sources of employment in a sustainable and sustainable way from small focal points, added to the fusion of qualities entrepreneurship. And 3 years later here I am, life is giving me this beautiful gift of being part of the Wiwiurka story.

Fer Parra

Partnerships México

Fer Parra

Hi there!

I am Fer Parra, a Communicologist by profession, I’m passionate about finding new ways to make Wiwiurka known and connect with other entrepreneurs behind amazing brands.

As a mother of a 4-year-old boy, Wiwiurka toys have become part of our lives and I really enjoy working with interesting people who share Wiwiurka's values to establish alliances and collaborations and be able to grow together.

Cynthia Villamil

Cynthia Villlamil


in the handcraft process.

All the wood-workers that over time have come to work at Wiwiurka are paid fairly and work in a safe and friendly space. They are local experienced carpenters with some young apprentices as well; they are encouraged to use their skills in the best manner and know that the items they are making are going to be used by babies and little children, so they pay special attention to making all angles and surfaces completely smooth and perfect for climbing and sliding.

Wiwiurka has become a beautiful way to promote values that bring goodness to both the makers and the consumers. So when you purchase a piece, you can be sure it’s made with care and love from beginning to end, and we know it will bring joy and growth to your children. 

Thank you for being part of this!