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Montessori Clothing Rack and why you need to ad it in your sons bedroom:

If you have a toddler at home, I’m sure you have experienced this situation too: you finally gather all the necessary strength to fold clothes and put them away and in just one second your toddler takes it all out of the dresser looking for his or her favorite shirt, leaving everything a mess again. When my son Tadeo turned 3, I decided to incorporate Wiwiurka’s Han Clothing Rack to his room. Originally I added it for space purposes rather

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An Educational Playroom, From The Experts: GrOH!

Based in Washington, DC and creating magic all over, the GrOH! team, conformed by Jodi and Anne has become a referent for incredible and imspired playrooms around the world! We had a chance to talk with them about their vision and their business – and we snagged a few decor tips for enthusiasts too! A child’s play environment affects their independence, focus, creativity, and behavior. A child’s play space should inspire them to engage, invent and expend their energy in

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Emotional regulation. What is it and what’s its benefits?

Emotional regulation is a term that is mainly heard in psychology, according to Bisquerra, it refers to the ability that we human beings have to handle emotions in an adaptive way, it involves becoming aware and having the ability to recognize our emotions, and relate them with our thoughts and behaviors that these may provoke or unleash, so we can express them in a way that’s appropriate to the situation, time, place and person. Therapist Andrea Ballesteros from @taktoplayhmo using

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climbing pikler triangle

The Foldable Climbing Triangle.

Enter one of our most versatile and practical pieces designed to promote your child’s gross motor development from the very beginning. Also called a Pikler triangle, the climbing triangle was designed by Dr. Emmi Pikler (1902 -1984) to give kids the opportunity to climb at their own pace, learn to control their movements and discover their own body’s limits. This can be done in a safe environment at home –when playing outdoors is not possible.   Climbing helps with strength

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The rope-ladder triangle

Children naturally want to pull themselves up, climb and explore their surroundings. This impulse begins around their 8th month and continues throughout all childhood; climbing is a fundamental activity for children to develop their brain connections to their muscles and joints and, to strengthen them as they grow; it is also key for tuning and processing of sensory information. At Wiwiurka we have designed several climbing options for kids of different ages, mostly for indoor use, we have talked about

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Wiwiurka wooden Rockers: endless imagination

Rockers are by far some of our most popular pieces. The experience of rocking can be soothing and soft, or exciting and rapid, it depends on the rocking speed, but both ways are ideal for a child to play with and develop motor and spatial skills. Our rockers are designed to offer children both rocking options and furthermore, they can also use them as climbers when set upside down, or as storefronts when engaged in imaginative play by setting the

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wiwiurka wooden climbing toys

Why have Wiwiurka toys at home?

At Wiwiurka, we are convinced that the home IS the most important environment for learning and development. It is where children build their foundation: how to sit, stand, walk, sleep, eat, and dress. With the right tools, children have the facility to learn, develop and learn more about their own abilities. That is why we have focused on ensuring that each of our products promotes ACTIVE play, FREE MOBILITY and inclusion for children of different ages, adapting to their abilities. A

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pikler triangle

A Pediatric PT’s Perspective on the Pikler-inspired Triangle

*An expert contribution by @themovementmama I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Wiwiurka Pikler-inspired Triangle—I was astounded at its beauty and intrigued by its potential in purposeful play. As a Pediatric PT, it’s my job to find ways to make hard things fun—to trick babies and toddlers into getting stronger in ways that may not come easy. I also seek to find toys that will last through multiple developmental stages and can be repurposed in different ways. For

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day at the zoo

Today’s Play-Based Challenge: Throw a Zoo Day

Roarin’ fun! *This is a series of activities Othergoose created for us – check out the first three challenges at the bottom! Tell your child you’re going to have zoo day today! Practice making animal sounds and movements. Ask curious questions for your child to answer, e.g., “How does a crab walk? How low does a bear growl? How far can a monkey swing? How fast does a cheetah run? Does a turtle eat his lunch slowly? Does a fish blow

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activities for kids create a habitat

Lesson Plan 3: Build a Habitat

No hardhat required! *This is a series of activities Othergoose created for us – check out the first two challenges at the bottom! Encourage your child to choose a favorite stuffed animal or toy to build a habitat for kids. Explain that a habitat is simply a place to live, like a house for a child, a pond for a frog, or a den for a bear. Together, talk about what might make the best habitat, and let the architecture

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