Age Range

As a parent, it’s important to know which toys are appropriate for your baby or child’s age range. Toys that are too complex or too simple can both be frustrating for children and parents. This blog posts will provide an introduction to the different age ranges for babies and kids, as well as tips on what types of toys are appropriate for each stage of development. So, whether you’re just starting out as a parent, or you’re looking for some advice on what to buy your toddler for their birthday, read on!

The Little Bean Rocker

Rocking is a great sensory activity for small children and that’s why the Little Bean Rocker is so fun! At Wiwiurka we have designed several types of rockers so that children of different ages and in different types of spaces can rock away, you can take a look at some of them in this article. So today we are going to talk about our Bean Rocker, a piece we designed especially for toddlers and that is ideal for daycares and

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Siblings at play

Playing is a child’s fundamental way to develop mentally, emotionally and physically during the early years of life. Generally, they enjoy playing with other children, that’s why it’s a great way to bond. As children grow, they’ll go through different sorts of developmental stages, so siblings that are a couple of years apart sometimes will feel close and on the “same channel” so to speak, while other times the difference in interests, focus, or skills will make it more difficult

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Work-at-home parents: the importance of independent play.

Parenting is a full-time job, there’s no doubt about that! And independent play may become your greatest ally. Nonetheless, working from home while parenting is a very common situation in modern families where parents stay at home while juggling time and attention between children or toddler and getting work done. The big benefit of being a work-at-home parent is that you’re able to spend time with your child because work schedules are more flexible and there’s no commute, you’ll be

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Moving, playing, developing: starting with the basics.

  Little babies become toddlers as they start showing a desire to move around on their own, starting to crawl and climb are the first manifestations of this stage. Basically they get “the wiggles” and start pulling and pushing their core with their arms and legs. It can seem they have an urgency to get somewhere. Why such urgency? Well, they’re connecting their basic brain-muscle neuron networks. By moving around, they establish a more complex relation to their own body

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Climber for children

Playing Outdoors

The rainy season has finally arrived! After months of drought and surrounding wildfires, the joy that we feel when we hear the tree frogs singing at night and breathe in the refreshing smell of wet dirt when we open our doors in the morning is incredibly wonderful. Everything outside turns green, alive and radiant. The children, who are so connected to the natural rhythms of nature, definitely notice these changes, especially since longer light-filled afternoons allow for more play-time and

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