There’s no doubt that toys are a huge part of a child’s education. But with so many choices out there, it can be tough to know which ones are the best for your little one. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the concept of conscious toys and explain why they’re such an important part of learning. Stay tuned for our top picks for conscious toys!

How Lack of Sleep Can Affect Your Child’s Dental Health

A child’s dental health is the priority of every parent. It is crucial to have a proactive approach to making sure that their oral health is in its best state. Aside from a regular dental visit, proper brushing, and a healthy diet, good sleep is also a must-have. It is often overlooked despite its significance in the dental health of children. Read on and find out the relationship between sleep and dental health. Most of the things that we’ll talk about below

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The Wiwiurka Dad, exclusive interview with Marek Shultz

Marek Schultz is a founding member of Wiwiurka. Born in Germany, of Polish descent, he speaks 4 languages and has called Mexico his home for the past 15 years. Xel Demesa, Brand Manager of Wiwiurka, undertook the task to interview Marek on the occasion of Father’s Day and to introduce you a little bit to one of the minds behind the creation of Wiwiurka.  This is what they talked about: Marek con Hannha, su hija menor. Xel:  Did you ever

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Emotional regulation. What is it and what’s its benefits?

Emotional regulation is a term that is mainly heard in psychology, according to Bisquerra, it refers to the ability that we human beings have to handle emotions in an adaptive way, it involves becoming aware and having the ability to recognize our emotions, and relate them with our thoughts and behaviors that these may provoke or unleash, so we can express them in a way that’s appropriate to the situation, time, place and person. Therapist Andrea Ballesteros from @taktoplayhmo using

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Wiwiurka toys for fine motor development.

Those of you who are familiar with Wiwiurka will know that we make children’s play furniture designed to promote gross motor development through play which involves a lot of climbing, sliding, and rocking. We strive to make toys and play furniture for children that promote as well imaginative play, sensory stimuli, and even cooperative play. We are convinced that children that are able to give way to their gross motor development through play are also setting the foundation for a

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Montessori playroom

How to create the perfect Montessori style playroom

Montessori-style playrooms are gaining popularity… And for good reason! Oftentimes, parents may feel pressured into buying an array of expensive and entertaining toys in order to make sure that they are appropriately stimulating their little brains. However, little ones don’t need twenty different toys that light up and sing! In fact, they need the opposite! Little ones need engaging activities that promote independence, structure and routine! Routine and boundaries are not about discipline. They are about setting up expectations for

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Back to school: Creating the perfect learning spaces at home

The brain needs to be excited to learn Jose Ramón Gamo Tweet School spaces are very important for both teachers and students, since they develop creativity, children’s autonomy and learning. In these spaces, students spend many hours of their lives, and that is why they should not go unnoticed. Motivating learning and getting “excited” the brain of students to learn are two of the main objectives pursued by teachers and schools. Whether your children are going back to school or

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Just Imagine: Picture Books that Inspire Imaginative Play

Note: This post includes affiliate links. My favorite memories of childhood are those in which I found myself creating and exploring different worlds. I remember producing and acting in countless performances, spending hours building and playing in forts, climbing “mountains,” and hunting for leprechauns. Childhood at its best is imagination. As a mom and educator, my favorite aspect of Wiwiurka products is their natural ability to inspire imaginative play. I’d like to share six of my favorite picture book titles

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