Build your momfidence with these 8 tips

What’s momfidence? Moms usually wonder whether they are doing enough, and looking to the sides, wondering if other moms are doing “better”. Newsflash: they’re not! Building momfidence is an ongoing job. When you start a new job you always have certain endorsements: a career, a stint in social service, or experience in other jobs. But when you become a mother for the first time, there is nothing that prepares you, in many cases not even having had a child before

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raise a reader

How to Raise a Reader

By Samantha Carrick, certified reading specialist@sunnyseedco Reading with children is one of the most beneficial activities for cognitive development. It increases a child’s IQ, builds their vocabulary, improves their memory and attention, and creates an anchor in the day for meaningful learning and connection. There is truly no other activity quite as rewarding, especially with young children during their most formative, foundational years at home. As a mother, I’ve seen my daughters’ vocabulary, creativity, and intrinsic motivation for learning flourish

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pikler triangle

A Pediatric PT’s Perspective on the Pikler-inspired Triangle

*An expert contribution by @themovementmama I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Wiwiurka Pikler-inspired Triangle—I was astounded at its beauty and intrigued by its potential in purposeful play. As a Pediatric PT, it’s my job to find ways to make hard things fun—to trick babies and toddlers into getting stronger in ways that may not come easy. I also seek to find toys that will last through multiple developmental stages and can be repurposed in different ways. For

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Conscious gifts for children: choosing joy in 2020

A contribution by Kabana Community There’s something special and magical about watching a child unwrap that special gift he/she has been waiting for, but how can we help them make meaningful choices? We don’t need to buy many presents for our kids to make the holiday season special, it is important that we can appreciate what we have. First of all, to your child, there’s no better gift than spending quality time together. We love to create traditions and memories,

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at home learning

6 tips for at-home learning & our favorite Resources

While the pandemic still takes over our lives, parents are faced with a new reality: kids are going to be staying and taking on at-home learning techniques from scratch, and many parents are a little lost.  What is “at-home learning” and how is it done? Although for many families homeschooling their every day, the reality is that for other families adopting this modality may involve some improvisation. With today’s health crisis around the world, sending children to daycare/school/extracurricular activities is

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climbing toys for kids

Early childhood development: Wiwiurka Climbing toys reviewed by Dr. Patricia Blast

“Play is the work of the child” an eloquent statement by Child Development Specialist Maria Montessori, and one that has become more relevant than ever. Dr. Patricia Blast made a very complete analysis of why Wiwiurka Toys are a great addition to your home. And she’s taking into account children’s developmental stages and needs. Taking education further In today’s day and age, either because of the weather or because of safety and overall rhythm of life, kids can’t find enough

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A prepared environment: implementing Montessori at home

María Montessori’s pedagogical work has been very influential for several decades worldwide, if you have young children or work with them, you surely have heard about a prepared environment. Montessori elementary schools or preschools have become more and more common and accessible. It’s also quite common for families that homeschool their children to apply Montessori principles on an everyday basis. In our own home, we’ve integrated Montessori practices and ideas while raising our daughters as well, especially while arranging their

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Wiwiurka: A family business adventure.

Let me tell you a little about the people, work and ideas behind the pieces that Wiwiurka makes, and how it jumped from a family business, to thriving small business. Wiwiurka began back in 2011. At the time Marek (our founder)  pruned trees professionally, so he would come back home with logs and branches of all sorts of local trees. His natural artistic sense, along with his love for nature moved him to create playgrounds, emphasizing the unique organic shapes

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Work-at-home parents: the importance of independent play.

Parenting is a full-time job, there’s no doubt about that! And independent play may become your greatest ally. Nonetheless, working from home while parenting is a very common situation in modern families where parents stay at home while juggling time and attention between children or toddler and getting work done. The big benefit of being a work-at-home parent is that you’re able to spend time with your child because work schedules are more flexible and there’s no commute, you’ll be

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Moving, playing, developing: starting with the basics.

  Little babies become toddlers as they start showing a desire to move around on their own, starting to crawl and climb are the first manifestations of this stage. Basically they get “the wiggles” and start pulling and pushing their core with their arms and legs. It can seem they have an urgency to get somewhere. Why such urgency? Well, they’re connecting their basic brain-muscle neuron networks. By moving around, they establish a more complex relation to their own body

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