Play Ideas

If you’re like me, then you know that it can be hard to come up with new play ideas for your kids. Especially when they seem to have all the toys in the world. That’s why we’ve started this post series – to share some of the favorite play ideas for Wiwiurka’s toys. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll love them! So stay tuned for upcoming posts…

child development with other goose

Wiwiurka & OtherGoose: Lesson Plan 1

We are super excited to launch a series of in-home challenges with OtherGoose!If you don’t know about them, you’re about to immerse yourself in a great new way to teach your kids, in a proactive, hands-on, entertaining education.With everyone staying home, we HAVE to find ways to keep kids on the way of learning, without forgetting the core values of the things that can be learned from practice. Related: 6 TIPS FOR AT-HOME LEARNING & OUR FAVORITE RESOURCES That’s why

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5 fun settings for Wiwiurka furniture to try

Once you have a Wiwiurka piece and your child plays everyday on it, the piece becomes part of your home, but what happens if your child is also getting a sibling soon, or two? What about when your child is ready for greater developmental challenges? Well, today we are going to address these questions by talking about how to create a play set for your little ones, actually, we’re going further, we’ll talk about 5 different settings for Wiwiurka pieces;

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Siblings at play

Playing is a child’s fundamental way to develop mentally, emotionally and physically during the early years of life. Generally, they enjoy playing with other children, that’s why it’s a great way to bond. As children grow, they’ll go through different sorts of developmental stages, so siblings that are a couple of years apart sometimes will feel close and on the “same channel” so to speak, while other times the difference in interests, focus, or skills will make it more difficult

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play with children

A Play-Full Life

Creating spaces for my playful self to flourish A mom’s perspective from our CEO Honestly, I am not a playful person by nature. I daily make a conscious effort to play with my girls. I have been an adult for too long, taking care of the chores, the shopping, the planning, the past, the future, and endless lists of tasks to do. Maybe you have found yourself in the same place as myself. As a passionate observer of child-play, creating

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Climber for children

Playing Outdoors

The rainy season has finally arrived! After months of drought and surrounding wildfires, the joy that we feel when we hear the tree frogs singing at night and breathe in the refreshing smell of wet dirt when we open our doors in the morning is incredibly wonderful. Everything outside turns green, alive and radiant. The children, who are so connected to the natural rhythms of nature, definitely notice these changes, especially since longer light-filled afternoons allow for more play-time and

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