Turning a house or an apartment into a home is a fun and complex feat, some say that it’s a rite of passage. Home decor is an expression of the family’s needs, tastes, sense of style, and activities; and once babies become part of the family-equation, that home goes through further transformation, after all, a new member with different needs and interests has arrived!

Today we are going to talk about how to integrate into your home your children’s items and make it a beautiful space for adults and children alike. Instagram undoubtedly is filled with great home-decor ideas but something we’ve really enjoyed is seeing how all sorts of families integrate our pieces into their home style. We have gained so much inspiration from the photos shared with us!

An Earth triangle with a rock-climbing board and a rocker in a beautiful wood-rich playroom.
This space and photo are by @thiago_st.cortez.

Behind the making of Wiwiurka children’s play furniture are two main motivations: we think that children’s furniture should be aligned with their sensory, motor and cognitive development and further promote it, we believe that kids should be able to move and play freely during their different developmental stages even if they spend a lot of time indoors. But we also strongly believe that children’s furniture and toys should be beautiful and pleasing to look at, these items should be pieces that integrate into a home-environment, because children need to feel that they are part of their family, that they are welcome along with their toys in the space they share with adults.

With these two ideas in mind, we’ve designed all our pieces and constantly experiment with color palettes that can fit with all sorts of decor styles that are so personal and varied.

This corner of the living room easily becomes a playing corner for this toddler with his rocking bean in our Earth palette, it blends perfectly with the chocolate tones of this space and parents can keep him company while resting on the sofa. This photo is by @vanessaandthebees

It’s completely natural to feel compelled to make our living space the best space possible in all aspects, from pleasing decor to practicality; no matter how small or large it is, nor the budget available, the space we live in matters because it has a strong influence on our wellbeing, our mood, and of course, on the satisfaction of our domestic needs.

Once the baby starts gaining mobility and is eager to get around in the house, it’s time to rearrange spaces because play becomes central in a child’s life from there on, so if you have enough space, a room meant exclusively for your children to play in is an ideal option. However, not everybody has the space at home for that, so other options like using the kid’s bedroom as their playroom or making a play area in the living room are very common and can work really well. If your space needs to accommodate a large or growing family, consider an open dining room, family room, and game room which will allow you to keep an eye on your kids and spend more quality time all together.

This play area is so dreamy and wonderful both for kids and for adults! It’s eye-candy and a fun-filled space. Natural light pours in and creates a delightful ambiance with the pastel decor, and the light wood tones of our XXL rocker in a custom pastel palette fits with ease. This photo and space are by @livesweethome She’s got a blog too with topics such as children’s decor, adoption, raising a family and everything sweetly pastel.

Child safety and practical means to organize kiddy-mess are usually the two main goals when rearranging a living space for a toddler. However, there are more aspects that, if taken into account as well, will improve your everyday home experience and your child’s too. For example, using some of Maria Montessori’s principles, you can create a space where children can develop their independence by fetching on their own the toys or materials they want to use, and afterwards clean after themselves. This will bring them joy and develop their self sufficiency and sense of order, and it will become easier to keep playing spaces tidy enough in the long run.

Some of these Montessori recommendations are to place toys, art supplies and games on low shelves where your child can access them on their own with ease. Separate these toys into various baskets and bins so the items stay separate, if these baskets are color or size coded (small toys go in the orange bin, art materials in the green one, and puzzles in the blue one, for example) this will be a fun and educational arrangement for your child to learn and practice. Furthermore, it will make finding a specific toy easy without having to go through piles of other toys each time.

The decor of this room clearly uses Montessori principles: the shelves are at child-height and contain different types of toys in each compartment, furthermore, the top of the shelve is also at the perfect height for a kid to use as a table while standing to play with the abacus, and the coat-hanger is also at the right height for a child to use. This shows a climbing triangle in our natural wood finish that goes nicely with the carpet and the type of light the room receives. This photo is courtesy of @mindydiaz

If you’d like to know more about Montessori playroom arrangements, be sure to read this article, it’s clear concise and talks about the different needs of babies, toddlers and preschoolers specifically, or you can go to the source directly and read The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori.

This cozy space if full of charm and personal touches in the shelves, a boho home dream. The beautiful bamboo sofa is so stylish and it works also as toy-storage when seen from a child’s viewpoint. That small chair is both beautiful and perfect for a small child to use when coloring on that little round table. A Pastel Rainbow small rocker blends seamlessly with this space and brings lots of fun for the child living here.
This beautiful photo is by @mohrliving She’s got a home-decor blog
and shop that you can see right here

When decorating a common area that will also work as playroom where the whole family gathers and that your child will spend a great part of her or his childhood, it makes more sense to invest in timeless pieces that you and your family really like, so you don’t have to switch them over and over as time goes by. You can spice it up to your child’s specific interest of the moment with smaller accents that are easier to swap as your child grows and finds new interests.

If you have a fragile and beautiful decor item that you’d like to look at on a regular basis in your living room, placing shelves on the higher end of the wall is a practical way to get away with it.

You can add a patterned or a solid color pouf to a play space, depending on your color scheme, it will be a great spot to relax and to be at eye-sight level with your children when playing together. This is a small rocker in our festive palette Blooming Fiesta, the inspiration for this comes from Mexican culture and decor. That hand-embroidered pouf is by @amanoarte

Poufs, floor cushions, and ottomans are useful and stylish seating options in a play space, especially when your kids are still toddlers, also when the play space is part of the living room. Kids can easily use them while resting with a book and you can relax on them while playing with your kids or keeping an eye on them while reading something.

Children take in a lot of information from their surroundings and also from how their parents are feeling, so it’s also important to keep your personal adult tastes expressed in your home so you enjoy being in a common room.

It’s all about balance, about accepting that spaces are to be lived in including the natural wear and tear from living with children (and even pets!) but this doesn’t mean that everything has to be about the kids, at least not in a shared living room that works as a playroom as well.

This spectacular living room is both so stylish and lush, and child-friendly: no sharp hard edges,
a great center area on a lovely rug where this little one can play in the company of

mommy, daddy, and even the loving dogs. This fabulous photo is by @laurarogersthat

Playing with your children and being there to care for them in each stage of their growth are some of the best memories that will stay with parents for the rest of their lives. The play area that your family creates for the kids will be the place where those memories will be made, so let your personal style shine through along with your children’s!

As a final note, we’d like to share with you some more photographs that we’ve found inspiring about how families have arranged their Wiwiurka items into their homes.

These sister’s lovely reading and playing space has creamy and soft toned gamut, they have a climbing triangle in our Sunset palette that joins into the soft pinks and warm tonalities. We just love how the shelf with children’s books works both as an invitation to read and as wall art.
This photo is by @amylouhawthorne
This spectacular yet simple children’s room brings in the joy of bright colors and contrast, the XXL rocker that’s being used here as a fun way to reach the toys that are further up is in our Aqua-Coral palette with a reversible ramp. This photo is courtesy of @lifemadewithloveblog. Check out her blog too! It has very practical advice for sailing everyday-life with kids.
A great way to allow your child to wander freely in a living room that has a play area in a safe way is to place a children’s gate to separate sections. This photo by @alieshaporto shows us how it can be done with great style too. Check out her interior design page for great decor ideas.
If color in the softest of the soft is your type ambiance, our Rainbowland palette will be just perfect for your home! We love how this photo by @lisachowart shows such a tender color scheme.

For a high-contrast and elegant modern style home, a monochrome climbing triangle can fit in exquisitely.
This fabulous photo is by @raisingorion
A beautiful neutral-tone space with a few colored accents here and there works not only with our natural wood finish pieces, but a rainbow climbing triangle can also be part of those colorful accents, integration to the max! This harmonious space and photo are by @beccathorderson

And these are the beautiful and diverse decor styles in which families have integrated their Wiwiurka climbers and rockers. We hope that you enjoyed all this eye-candy as much as we did!

We wish you and your family enjoy your space and the transformations that come from living happily in them.


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