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The first years of life have a great impact on a child’s future: on their brain development, health, ability to learn and even happiness. 

Gross Motor Skills

Wiwiurka wooden Rockers: endless imagination

Rockers are by far some of our most popular pieces. The experience of rocking can be soothing and soft, or exciting and rapid, it depends on the rocking speed, but both ways are ideal for a child to play with and develop motor and spatial skills. Our rockers are designed to offer children both rocking options and furthermore, they can also use them as climbers when set upside down, or as storefronts when engaged in imaginative play by setting the

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Our Toys

Wiwiurka’s Color Palettes: A color affair!

“I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.” Frida Kahlo Tweet Colorn is such a fantastic feature of life! So many combinations, emotions, expressions, and types of beauty colors bring into our spaces! As a company we strive to create and offer children’s furniture and toys that nourish the little ones’ development, that are made in fair working conditions, in a sustainable manner, and that are beautiful to look

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wiwiurka wooden climbing toys
From Our Community

Why have Wiwiurka toys at home?

At Wiwiurka, we are convinced that the home IS the most important environment for learning and development. It is where children build their foundation: how to sit, stand, walk, sleep, eat, and dress. With the right tools, children have the facility to learn, develop and learn more about their own abilities. That is why we have focused on ensuring that each of our products promotes ACTIVE play, FREE MOBILITY and inclusion for children of different ages, adapting to their abilities. A

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Babies (0-18m)

The Little Bean Rocker

Rocking is a great sensory activity for small children and that’s why the little bean rocker is so fun! At Wiwiurka we have designed several types of rockers so that children of different ages and in different types of spaces can rock away, you can take a look at some of them in this article. So today we are going to talk about our Bean Rocker, a piece we designed especially for toddlers and that is ideal for daycares and

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