A question we frequently receive is if Wiwiurka outdoors is an option. The answer is not a straightforward “yes” or “no,” but rather it depends on which pieces we are talking about and in what conditions they are used. So, we thought it would be a good idea to explain in-depth which Wiwiurka pieces can be used outside, how and when. Also, we’ll talk about the pieces we make that can be set up outside.

Let’s get into it!

Most of our pieces are designed for indoor use. Our Pikler climbing arch is for babies to begin learning to climb indoors, our Pikler climbing triangles are also meant for climbing indoors, while our rockers are designed for rocking and climbing indoors too. However, we also have pieces that can be used both indoors or outdoors, like our trapeze, our rope-ladder triangle, and our swings. Usually, our products ship without any wood-sealer because they are intended for the indoor use of young children. However, if you are planning to take them outside every once in a while, we recommend that you give them a coating to provide some weather protection.

So, can you use our indoor pieces outside?
This girl seems to be having good fun on our large rope-ladder climber,
it was set outside on a large branch of a beautiful tree.
This photo is courtesy of @nikkileydierphotography

Yes, you can, but not on a regular basis. For a birthday, a play-date, or a family reunion where cousins or friends will visit and the whole gang will want to play together you can bring your Wiwiurka outdoors, but you should bear in mind the following recommendations so you can keep your toys in top shape.

1. Make sure that the ground on which you’ll place the piece isn’t wet nor moist.

It’s not a good idea to take your Wiwiurka climbers and rockers outside if it rained the day before and the ground is still wet or moist. Choose a dry day to enjoy the nice weather with your child playing.

This little girl is playing on her pastel rainbow triangle on a gorgeous day! And that garden has so many lovely flowers, it’s a fantastic place to play! As you can see, the pavement on which the triangle is placed is completely dry. This beautiful photo is by @joslindee
2. Use a mat to prepare your play space.

If the surface where you’re going to place the climber or rocker is natural grass or just ground soil, then bring out a large mat or an outdoor rug and spread it where you want your outdoor play space to be; then bring your Wiwiurka outdoors and place it on top of the mat. We recommend that you make sure that none of the piece’s parts are in direct contact with the garden’s ground, that way you’ll avoid difficult grass or soil stains.

Here you can clearly see how simple it is to use a mat beneath the pieces. Each of these two triangles have a wood-varnish coating in different tones because they are often taken outside for playing. One is our Autumn Earth special edition while the other is a pastel rainbow with a lighter varnish.

These photos are at a wonderful kid’s play-and-learn area called “la tribu” (The tribe) in our town. It’s located under some wonderful big trees, but they always use mats beneath their climbers. This way the pieces will not be in contact with soil or any moisture and kids will get less dirty while playing.

The little ones enjoy very much playing outside with other kids.

3. Don’t leave your climbers or rockers out at night.

During the night hours moist gathers in the air and all surfaces, even in the driest places. Our pieces are easy to move around for an adult and our triangle folds flat, so after the Wiwiurka outdoors session is over, it’s better to take them back inside. Moreover, it’s very likely that your kids will want to climb on their Wiwiurka pieces when they wake up, so it’s better to have them back in their place before night sets.

This little girl is not just having fun climbing her triangle outside with her brother, she is also dressed for the occasion! If the sun is too strong, remember to give them a hat.
This colorful shot is by

4. Take off your kid’s shoes when they are playing.

It’s better if children are climbing or rocking on their Wiwiurka indoor pieces barefoot both for proper-use purposes and for your child’s development and enjoyment while playing. On the one hand, if your children leave their shoes at the edge of the mat when they are going to play on their climbing and rocking toys, then the soil and little rocks that are on their shoes will not transfer onto the pieces as they play. On the other hand, it’s more advantageous for the little ones to feel fully the sensations in their feet as they play because it allows them to be more conscious of their movements, therefore their brain is able to connect more motor information from the experience.

This is a fabulous spot to have a little gathering with friends and their children. As you can see, they are on a rock-paved floor and use an outdoor rug too. These kids sure are enjoying playing outside with their friends in their triangle and XXL rocker play-set in our Voices of the Mountain palette. This photo is courtesy of @annielinco
5. Clean the furniture with a cloth before you take them back in.

Grab a clean cloth and clean your rockers, ramps and climbers with it so you don’t take into the house dust or any kind of grub.

If you follow these recommendations when taking your indoor Wiwiurka outdoors, you can totally get away with it and keep them in great shape, and this way you can ensure that they will continue being used for many years of play. Have a birthday party, invite kids for a play date with your child, create an outdoor plays-space for the little ones when you host a barbecue with friends in your yard, or simply enjoy the beautiful weather while watching your kids play outside.

This little darling celebrates her birthday in the garden with her Pikler climbing triangle in pastel rainbow with a reversible ramp. The day seems warm and the grass looks quite dry, but we do recommend to use a mat beneath it. This cute birthday photo is by @whitleybell1

Besides our Pikler climbers and our rockers, we have 3 other pieces that can be used inside or outside the house: the trapeze, the hanging climber and our swings. Read more about these amazing toys.

We hope this post is helpful and that now that you know how to properly take your Wiwiurka pieces outside, you plan an outdoor play-session for your children on a day with lovely weather.


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